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  • Aww thanks kick! But Im going to be at my parents in Corona have to have my buddy re-format my laptop Sunday since it has a worm and is messed up. Sounds like a blast though!!!!
    Thanks love!~ Your sisterhoods is doing great! I miss ya!~ xoxo BE SAFE IN BED TONIGHT -- jajaja
    Well.....I guess thats cool too! To bad you are gonna be having fun somewhere else.
    L8er buddy.
    ya sounds good...i will bet at the lucas oil race in lake elsinore next weekend! just joined the menzies team :)
    happy birthday brotherhoods!~ hope you are having a wonderful day!

    Luv ya!~
    sounds good kicker, I have to shoot a race this weekend so I wont be at OC Motorsports but have fun man!
    How you doing Andrew? Me and Mo are pregnant with a baby girl, but hay, we are pre-running this weekend and seeing you can find me the phone number or Email address to Mike’s Sky Rancho?
    Yeah, I'm hanging with Adam Householder, I'll be going down like on the 2nd to help finish off the pre-running. What about you when are you going and where does the DA stay? Householder has rented a house out by La Bufadora. Race day looks like I'll be chasing/pitting Llano Colorado/Santo Thomas Pacific side.
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