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  • Hey Kicker, I'm not so good at the texting thing. Then again, maybe if I actually started doing it more I would get better at it, ha ha ha
    my phone doesnt have text no more, remember i told you and do you still have my number?

    pm me your number and ill try to send you a text from my brothers or cousins phone if they have service down there

    i dont think ill make to tech ill most likely arrive in ensenada on friday night
    Why dont you text me anymore!! :(
    Only me coming down. I talked to Cody this weekend and I am switching to Yokohama for my car.
    Sorry, been super busy with the MINT 400 and work, hit me up soon and we'll grab some lunch
    Kick I don't do text just email or private message. You missed one great race at the Mint. I was at pit c which was actully two pits Mile 62 and 70. Plus you could see the track for miles. We saw lots of action. I'll get that card at the 500!
    Hey Kicker thanks for the help in the pits at the MORE race. It was cool seeing you each lap cheering us dorks on..
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