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    Sandparts.com aka Alpine Sand Toys

    35 days since I ordered parts and not one contact from these people. Have left contless emails, voicemails, FB messages and nothing from them but a bogus your order was shipped message with no tracking number, contacted them about that as well thirty seconds after I got it and yet no contact...
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    Hellow my name is Anthony Windle

    Its been 35 days since I order patrs from you. You have yet to contact me back. I have left contless emails and voicemails. I just want my money back.
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    The Real Class 6.....Cars!

    the Nova would need torn down and reassembled but she was always a finisher least the last 10 years she ran, wasnt very often she didn't finish
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    The Real Class 6.....Cars!

    if any is interested the nova is more than available its in decent condition its been moth balled in Louisianna since my father past 7 or so years ago......My brother ran it at the 2003 MDR/SNORE Mick Newton Memorial that was her last race.......would love to see her end upin the right hands...
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    hello my name is Mick Newton

    I am the son of Mick Newton owner/driver of the "Nova" Snortin Nortin T-Shirts