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    Does Anyone have any Jeepspeed Pics?

    I got a few, but only one of 1797. Is this the correct one?
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    Firebird Raceway in Phoenix closing?????

    Not really taking land away but, alot of offroad racing happens there Owner: Firebird International Raceway to close Posted: Jan 02, 2013 5:19 PM MST Updated: Jan 02, 2013 5:24 PM MST By Phil Benson -...
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    Snowflake a thing of the past

    Don't know if this has been posted yet but Whiplash has lost the best race they had going.
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    California Side

    I heard that the October race will only be run on reservation land, and its kinda going to be like BITD's version of Score's LDC. Maybe be bad info but its just what I was told.
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    Where to get Skid plate foam?

    Wow, I went to high school with him, thats who I usually go and watch when I do get to go to races, he is like an idol to my son, lol. Glad to hear he is ok.
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    Where to get Skid plate foam?

    Congrats man awesome story, who was the rider that had crashed???
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    09 Whiplash Snowflake 1450 winner incar cam

    Awesome video, thanks for sharing
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    Where to get Skid plate foam?

    So how did you do???? Looks like the track was just as bad as last year.
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    Where to get Skid plate foam?

    Good thing is the weather is calling for just monsoon not tropical moisture so it may be less rain then expected, but those that have raced snowflake in the past know. By the way good luck
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    V2R Updates

    Any word on what place for Hancock (Q7), the tracker shows them just finishing
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    R.I.P. Tony Sorenson

    RIP, condolences to the family. GODSPEED
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    Riding in Arizona (Helmet Cam)

    Here is the best I could do on Google earth, we actually start on 367th Ave and Salome Highway. I'm not to sure about points like 15 thru 19 if they are the actual road we were on or not, but it is pretty close.
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    Riding in Arizona (Helmet Cam)

    I not to sure how to do the google map thing, but its right off 370th AVE and Salome highway, just west of the Tonopah Fire Station. I'm sure we could probably get in trouble for riding but I really don't see to many deputies out this way its hit or miss. The washes out there are actually marked...
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    5 yr old son helmet cam

    Wow, thanks :cool:
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    Riding in Arizona (Helmet Cam)

    Its farther west, that first road I was on actually runs along the fence line on the east side of the Power plant, then we hit the power line road and go east. Its about an 11 mile loop from my house. I may check out Snowflake, we go up there every year to watch some buddies on quads, Pro...