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    hello, my name is kyle from the bay area, Ca

    Welcome Duck. I grew up in Aptos. Been jonesing for a crab omelet from Gilda's on the wharf!!
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    Haul your vintage buggy.....

    If cool was easy then even I would be cool!
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    Haul your vintage buggy.....

    Bro, I stumbled across that pic on a drag racing forum. I like the contrast of the big motors and the VW transporter in the background.
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    Haul your vintage buggy.....

    just saw this on another site...very cool!
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    2015 Dakar: Stage 6 - ANTOFAGASTA -> IQUIQUE

    That was a neutral zone Ferrari
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    2015 Dakar: Stage 6 - ANTOFAGASTA -> IQUIQUE

    GORDON (USA), CAMPBELL (USA) GORDINI 11:57:00 (3) 000:18:53 (1
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    2015 Dakar Rally - Dream Racer DVD Giveaways!

    STAGE 3: 6 JANUARY SAN JUAN - CHILECITO SPECIAL: 284 KM 1. Terranova 2. devillers 3. gordon
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    2014 SEMA Photos

    Thanks Chris. I like the idea of running a Traxxas lid as long as the funding is there.
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    2014 SEMA Photos

    Thanks Short Bus...I saw that. I thought he was announcing a new make for the car as well.
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    2014 SEMA Photos

    I saw that John Force was supposed to announce a new manufacture to replace Ford at SEMA, however never saw anything. Any word?
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    Who is your favorite short course driver and why?

    Marty Hart. Only because I remember reading about him racing in 3Wheeler magazine when I was a kid! And the 'stache certainly helps!
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    Please say a prayer for Jordan Kundert and help his Recovery!!

    I live not far from Craig. BEST facility around for his type of injury. I don't know you guys, but let me know if there is anything I can do to help while he is in town!!
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    Wheeeeewww!! Thats A Relief...

    I have lurked this thread since I joined (only a few months). It is probably the best thread on here...fricken hilarious! I have been tempted to post before, but figured I needed to earn some cred before I do. Until I earn that cred, I hope you dont mind me continuing to lurk, and laugh my azz...
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    Rarest Mustang

    When I was at the Shelby American Collection in Boulder I saw this...1966 Mustang GT350-S. It had a Paxton supercharger installed at the factory. I think they made 55 of them. This one was the only one with GT350-S call our stripes and the first one NOT white and blue.
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    Randy Johnson shooting LOORRS AZ

    that is awesome!!!