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  • You in SLO county? Do you know I am wearing a Arroyo Grande Eagles sweatshirt right now? Do you know any of the KAL Off Road gang? Do you race? Do you respond?

    Why are you posting anonymously?
    Name calling? Ha ha! It sure is good to be back in junior high when you're 55. Except the gals all call me "Gramps.":( What did I do that set you off so? I know what you did, you came into that thread and picked a fight, and with the week I had (bad news from my doc), I struck back. What is the deal with all this rep stuff anyway? My real-life friend, and occasional teammate Dan200 will hit 100 points soon. He pretends rdc is going to award him a TT, but says in reality the rep is of no value whatsoever. I'm retired but race sportsman with three other guys even older than me! The oldest one has some issue with SNORE, don't know what, but he'll never race SNORE again, I'm afraid. Well, time to go, you take care and have fun this weekend while I think of ways to bug you whippersnappers! (I can call you names, too. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    What do you do and race? How old are you? Are you in some clique? I finally got a "hidden" post today. I've always opened 'em up, but, like mine, there's never much there. I'm pretty square and clueless, why do you think so many posters think I am anti-HNR? Why do you think a negative can be proven? When I took Logic 101, 27 years ago at a small Presbyterian College, that was one of the first things the prof said was impossible, and then proved it by logic. It can't be done, that's why perps come up with alibis.

    Why do people take words on the internet so seriously? All I'm ever doing is funnin', too old todo to much else when we're not racing, although I am still an active SAR team member. We found two guys this fall, both still alive. Haven't found any deceased ones yet.

    I do post honestly in Shop and Purple. Esp. if I can help someone cure a prob or save a few bucks. About every 3 yrs I upset the dez forum posters with debate.
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