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    Debt collection from my crash at the MINT 400

    We can't keep ignoring the legitimacy of these mowers. Its time to start considering a lawn mower class, just sayin.
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    Pit/Chase Setups

    Would that be 2 remote pits + the main pit or just 2 pits altogether?
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    Pit/Chase Setups

    Newby looking for some feedback on pits and chase vehicles. So my question revolves around a typical MORE/SNORE “long course” track say like Ridgecrest - multiple laps, 60-ish miles, with multiple remote pits. Is it typical to have a pit setup at each remote pit location? If no, do pit crews...
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    Class 10 only

    Considering a turning (cutting) brake in a class 10 car. How often are you guys using a turning brake?
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    Need Input on desert Race Helmets

    If you bought a helmet now could the manufacturer re-certify it afterwards so it can be used in races beyond 2025?
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    Class 10 only

    So how long until BITD, SNORE, MORE, etc follow suit with the SCORE change?
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    Best fire suit ./ Helmet combo

    Jeff, Is the Sparco single layer suit you are referring their Victory 2020 suit? I'm asking because Sparco advertises this suit as more breathable than their (3) layer Competition US suit. Would you recommend the Competition suit over the Victory?
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    2020 Curt LeDuc Swap Meet

    Why is it cancelled? Why was it ever posted?
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    Class 10 only

    I have had to research this recently as I'm entering into a new build and did not want to go down the wrong road. This is what I know...currently no racing organization is changing to the 2.5l in 2020. The issue of the 2.4l availability is acknowledged by the organizations; however, the...
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    Class 10 only

    We are a start up class 10 team that very much appreciates class 10 discussions on RDC. Does not look like a lot of action in the Class 10 forum page unfortunately. Class 5 sure seems active in the Desert Racing forum. Should class 10 follow class 5 or post in the specific Class 10 forum?
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    Navigation Device & Dash Layout

    Michael, Good feedback thanks. A few questions: Charging: are you charging through the standard lightning cord or through a case such as the one by LeadNav? Mounting: are you bar mounted or dash mounted? What is your reasoning behind your mounting location? Would the internal iPad GPS...
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    Navigation Device & Dash Layout

    Class 10 car.
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    Navigation Device & Dash Layout

    Need to make some decisions on navigation and dash layout for a new build. Original and current thought is to run a 5" Lowrance above the steering wheel for quick reference from the driver. Finding a quality 5" device has proven to be difficult lately and I may have to work on getting a 7" to...
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    Class 1 where’s it going?

    It's was good to see Alumicraft with (2) new class 1 entries in this years B1K. Cooley will figure that car our and when he does....well we'll see but just take a look at his success in class 10.