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    News 2020 Maxxis Tires “Casey Folks” Vegas to Reno Presented by Fox Important Race Update

    MTPyle Hope you and your boys have a great race buddy. You’re a good dude, and the Wolfpack #4733 wishes you the best of luck. I’m really looking forward to the race report.
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    Camburg Racing 2019 General Tire Vegas to Reno by Fox Race video

    Good job to the Camburg team! Much deserved podium for sure! On a side note, I’m pretty sure Kyle earned himself some body panel real estate for the next race. ?
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    My really big passion

    My 2 cents, more like a $2 bill, for what they are worth... VOLUNTEER. Whether it be for a pit club, like Checkers, or an individual team. Volunteering is the best, and most financially sound way to REALLY figure out if our type of racing is truly your passion. It’s one thing to watch YouTube...
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    BIG Thanks to all the Pahrump BITD Crew!

    Just wanted to let you all know how much we appreciate you! Wolf Pack #2777 had a hell of a day, multiple mechanical issues, stuck a couple times, and a roll over all put us last on the road, with the clock ticking closer to timing out. Without the tireless help from the BITD crew and Rescue...
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    Johnny Angal Vegas to Reno Race Report

    This is just F***ING bad ass! Way to go Johnny and TEAM!
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    An open plea to Martelli bros., BITD or anyone willing to make a change

    Homing pigeons...??? lol All in all our crew had a great time at this years Mint. Granted, I was pitting a couple trucks in the AM race. Once our race was over we had the chance to watch the Unlimited leaders fly by while we "slowly" drove back out towards Jean, and once again catch them by...
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    Looking for a room at Buffalo Bills

    Try using the discount code - SVMINT8. Booked a room at BB's this am for both Fri and Sat for 65 bucks a night. Good luck mi amigo.
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    Baja De Saddleback 5-1600 Racer 1979

    I was damn near born at Saddleback. My mom went into labor with me while my pops was burning laps in his buggy.
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    Private car tracking equipment - desert

    As Chris mentioned #1433 used RacingTrax at this years 1000 and they worked great for us. Even the support people/ tech help were great when I had a couple questions shortly into our race. They replied right away. The text feature was a life saver as well, considering the radio in the race truck...
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    #1433 Baja 1000 Race Report

    Good times indeed! Hats to off Andrew for bringing us all along for the ride! Once your full recap is up, I'll be sharing some of Chase 2's experiences here as well. Viva Baja!
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    2017 Baja 1000 Co-Drivers Needed

    Hi desertspeed - Myself as well as a couple buddies might have some interest, if nothing else, we are planning on being down for the 50th. Feel free to DM me.
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    Baja 1000 race day thread

    Weather boy working just fine here.
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    Baja 1000 race day thread

    Hoping for the best. It'd be neat to the #3 on the podium.
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    1978 SCORE Mexicali 300 **Trackside Photo**

    Glad I found this thread, thanks Rory! I was able to seach the Trackside website and find some cool pics of my old man from the '77 Mil in the Vowles Poulty car!