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    Tires for your tow rig

    BFG just launched a new tire call the Rugged Terrain. I don't know if it's e rated.
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    Just back from Baja pre-run....Baja travel WARNING

    Well done, gents. Long live Baja!
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    BAJA 500 race course link

    Jeff Cummings of BFG posted this year's 500 course on Nation of GO. Here's the link:
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    BAJA 1000 Update Thread

    Pistol blew his motor.
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    BAJA 1000 Update Thread

    ShortGears, you are a good man. Thanks. BFG puts up a lot of dough to try to bring this stuff to us.
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    BAJA 1000 Update Thread

    Looks like Robby Gordon is falling back. Anybody know what's happening?
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    BAJA 1000 Update Thread

    Until WM comes up you can listen to BFG Relay 12 by going to It's been pretty good all day.
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    BAJA 1000 Update Thread

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    BAJA 1000 Update Thread

    Somebody was asking if there was a live video feed like BFG and Score had last year. There is a live feed but it's not quite the same as last year. I'll get the url with instructions posted as soon as I can.
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    2009 BAJA 1000 Route mapped on

    You can also change your view to a satellite shot so it shows the real terrain.
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    2009 BAJA 1000 Route mapped on

    You can also search 2009 SCORE at the top right and search under drives to find it or better yet, just click here:
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    2009 BAJA 1000 Route mapped on

    Go to and search for user Rubberdust. When his profile comes up, go to drives and click the blue arrows on the right. The 2009 Baja 1000 route is posted on the map with a few photos.
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    Baja 1000 at Nation of GO

    We're trying to help BFG get some sort of Baja coverage again this year. If it happens, the vids and audio will be on I'm not sure that this will happen, but I'll post updates as I learn more. I don't think it will be the same as last year, but we'll try.
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    Anyone going to KOTH?

    Please get the pics and videos up. I'm dying here. Thanks in advance.
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    King of the hammers pics...

    Wow. Thanks for posting the pics. Looks like a blast!