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  • I don't see the bashing in this. it is just a question. was not the baja 1000 were Robby got penalized and we had to wait like 2 weeks for official results. so I don't see where you get the bashing. it is just a question. I don't see Dan getting offended. He just answered the question and left it at that. If calling them mcmillions is bashing, I'm sorry. but effectively they are millionares and are Mac. as far as asking if it was Score official results, I'm sure you can see my point as to how they can get official results in one day when even the other racers had to wait abourt 2 weeks.
    Could you please use the "send email" option? Or send info to directly. It's a long story... Thanks in advance!
    From my inbox:

    "NBD, We have the main elec. shut off on the – side, I see some on the + side. See what you can find out as to which is best and/or correct. Also check out the wiring question “ who does the best” on RCD there is a Sparky guy from Feenix, “as he spells it”, I would like to find out what he would charge to wire a car. See what you can find out. Thanks in advance."

    Wouldn't it be better to have main cut off switch on the positive side? That way if there is a short to ground from any accessory, one could cut off the power to it.

    Interested in wiring a car? How much? Thanks,
    No, no tracking. Just finally came across a post of yours I could neg. That and I tend not to forget people like you. I would have done it sooner but you don't post much (0.22 post a day)

    Also your the one crying so I think you need to grow up buddy!

    Or I could just complain to the mods about this:

    August 5th, 2009 13:44 Sparky Get off Pete's sack <---- Surely that is in vialation of the RDC forum rules.

    But hopefully we can just let this go and put it behind us. Or not it's your call.
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