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    RATR Party & Race Vehicle Display Bikini Bay Bar

    When is tech ??
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    Class 5 Unlimited - RATR - Television Show Production (and more)

    Zac, WHEN you pass me slow down so I can get some TV time of my car, ha haa Richard 536
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    M.O.R.E. Powder Puff Race Towards a Cure

    Its all good, we will make the best of it, the ladies still have there race. Its all about Cedars and helping the couse. Dormack Racing will be there. Show up at tech, to help support Cedars by donating $5 for pink ribbons to place on Madisons car to help make it pink. All the proceeds benefit...
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    10th Annual Powder Puff race for the cure October 16-17th

    Dormack Racing will be at the Sand Sport Super Show again this year, Sept. 18,19 20, THIS WEEKEND.. To help support the M O R E Powder Puff Race and Cedars- Sinai Breast Cancer Research. Stop by our booth building 18 the hanger. A $5 donation for two pink ribbons to place on Madisons car and a...
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    Who's bringing their ladies out to the Powderpuff this year?

    Is it a 2 seat, 4 seat and what motor ?? If you are running a V8 and if the car looks heavy they might give you a hard time if the cage is 1.5in. tube. They might say it needs to be 1.75 tube. That only depends on who teching.
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    Wheeeeewww!! Thats A Relief...

    Way to bail out on taking photos of 1336..... Emo ** OOH LA LA**** OOH LA LA**** OOH LA LA** :P (Matt on Matt D's dad's profile)
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    ****MDR Memorial Stickers now available Online*****

    We purchased several Memorial stickers in Temecula last night. Where is the next gathering to purchase more in person instead of ordering ???????
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    MDR 200 Memorial

    Has anyone contacted the families of the loved ones that were lost to inform them of the fast-aid fund or to see if they even approve of a memorial ???
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    MDR 200 Memorial

    Just a thuoght, for a Memorial. A 6 or 10 ft. tall ribbon avitar with names plasma cut down one side
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    Lost a tire at the M.O.R.E. race

    Thanks for the help, it sounds like you found PJ's tire. He said he would be giving you a call. Thanks again see you at the next race. Rich
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    Lost a tire at the M.O.R.E. race

    Did anyone find a tire on the course sat. night or sunday. Its my buddies spare tire from his 1350 car.Not sure of the size, but if found I will find out more info. If any clues contact MATT D at Racer Photo. Thanks MATT D's Dad
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    Hello,my name is Richard

    Ya,Im one of the new guys.I have visited the site for sometime, but thought I should join. That way I can ask all the questions insted of haveing my son (MATT) do it,some of you know who he is. We are trying to put an old class 5 together to run in a stortsman class.