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    RECORD Ensenada - San Felipe 250 this weekend

    Try this link for results: RECORD - Tiempos
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    2019 more McKenzies 300 video

    What race mile was that slit at?
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    CODE MexLog Mexicali 500

    The race results lists 3 different penalties - VCP CVP CCG. I assume VCP is Visual Check Point. What are CVP and CCG? There were several 30 minute CVP penalties.
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    Do you prefer to race in Mexico or Nevada?

    Examples of some 200-mile Baja point to point races. Record Offroad - Ensenada 2 San Felipe along Highway 5. BajaORS - Ensenada 2 San Quintin along the beach. Code Offroad - Mexicali to San Felipe along Highway 3.
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    Race coverage of the 2018 CODE Kendall Motrix Hechicera Grand Prix

    I checked out this race on my way back from business in Mexicali. Start/finish is a wide-open area on the La Hechicera Ranch. It is at about 3500’, 25 miles east from the Tecate border crossing. The fun factor is very high - open spectating, food and beer at tech, lots of local spectators with...
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    1400 and 1450 rulebooks for M.O.R.E.

    SNORE's OFFICIAL RULE BOOK 2017 is now posted on their web-site at: Three sentences have been added to the Class 1450 2016 Rulebook. MUST HAVE STEEL CAB AND STEEL WORKING DOORS. We will have a grandfather rule for the 4 trucks that...
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    Should 1450 be a PRO class?

    Will the SNORE Official Rule Book for 2017 be posted online before B@P? There were several Class 1450 rules changed with a class vote in the spring.
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    Should 1450 be a PRO class?

    Split the 1450 class? All I suggested is rename the existing Heavy Metal class to 1400 and possibly drop the 2/3 frame requirement. Heavy Metal has always been an option for sportsman racers that want to race in a pro class, complete all laps and start toward the front. No one has suggested...
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    Should 1450 be a PRO class?

    Is the frame requirement the only difference for 2017 in the class 1450 rules between MORE and SNORE? MORE - 2/3 Stock Frame Rails intact SNORE - Must have some portion of STOCK frame as delivered from the factory
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    Should 1450 be a PRO class?

    Earlier this year MORE's website said they used SNORE's rulebook. I see that is now gone but doesn't have a MORE rulebook. The SNORE Class 1450 rules for 2017 were discussed and voted on earlier this year in March and April. They are outlined in post #114 on this thread: 1400 and 1450...
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    Should 1450 be a PRO class?

    I recommend you get a copy of the SNORE OFFICIAL RULE BOOK 2017. The Class 1450 rules are scheduled to be updated based upon a vote of the class racers. MORE follows the SNORE class rules.
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    Should 1450 be a PRO class?

    This is easy to handle in the tech inspection line before each race. A self-appointed group of busybodies should hang bags of sand from the back bumper on any registered 1450 racers that they believe should move up to 1400 (Heavy Metal). Heavy Metal only has 2 rules: SCR23 Engine and Engine...
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    Should 1450 be a PRO class?

    Change the name of "Heavy Metal" to 1400 and drop the 2/3 frame requirement. Done!
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    1400 and 1450 rulebooks for M.O.R.E.

    Are you asking when will SNORE update their "official" Rulebook that is posted on their website? SNORE doesn't post an updated Rulebook each year even when some class rules have been changed. The current Rulebook is 2015. I expect SNORE will post an updated Rulebook in 2017 that reflects the...