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  • Hey! I think I got a few good pictures of you taking off on the start! I was looking through and just made the connection. Does it have three lights up top in an orange rack?
    Hey I read your post on the Pete's Camp poker run. Where is El Dorado Ranch? My family and I will be going down from Friday to Monday, about a dozen of us. Maybe we'll see you down there. I drive a red and white Chevy if you happen to see one.
    hey brett, i was looking at the sf250 results and it shows that you finished
    12th overall. i did not realize that we did that well over all, not to shabby
    considering everything that was going on down there. good job!
    Brett we really appreciated your help this weekend, couldnt have done it without you. You have the best family ever by the way... I love them all so much and we are so glad that you guys are a part of our lives. Hope you had a safe and fun new year. will we see you in feb? xoxoxo
    Thanks for the boost of confidence. Ive def got somethin to prove this race i'm hopin for at least a top ten finish. Will we see you out there?
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