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    NORRA QUESTIONS ? Feel Free to Ask Here !!

    In regards to InReach, I "never leave home without it"... I use the InReach mini. As said, you can text any phone number anywhere at any time. If you go for the basic $14/mth package; you can text anyone but it costs like a buck or you can use the auto text function for free. You can connect...
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    NORRA QUESTIONS ? Feel Free to Ask Here !!

    I'm double checking right now, maybe my memory is serving me wrong, not getting any younger here. As always with Baja, I plan on never getting fuel then if you find some, you're even more golden. Just contacted a buddy down there. No fuel in San Juanico right now, unless you get to the box...
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    NORRA QUESTIONS ? Feel Free to Ask Here !!

    I topped off in San Juanico last year, was a solid Pemex w/ no issues at that time. It is Mexico and everything's subject to change.
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    New Bronco @ this years Baja Mil with Cameron Steele.

    The racing spirit getting lost behind money and marketing...
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    Why does barely anyone have a winch on their race car?

    A warn 8k pound winch weighs 55 pounds and doubled up with rope will pull 16k pounds. Could very easily be cheap insurance and while everyone is sitting and digging, you could be moving forward. Just a thought.
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    B1k map please

    80% chance today and intermittent rain already out on the course. ensenada so far just cloud cover and gloom.
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    2019 NORRA Mex 500.....YES!

    Less than a week for some more Ensenada action.... Hussongs anyone?
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    Go Pro race setup/problems

    For Iphones, there's a Myk Video App. Not sure about androids offhand. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/microphone-for-gopro/id1286548125
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    Lonely Beard Racing Seat

    I say make a shop chair out of it. vintage bro, don't sell it. but matching it may be in the past.
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    2019 NORRA Mex 500.....YES!

    A very nice aspect to be centrally located for the start / stop, logistics and all considered, especially for the new racer or someone wanting to get their feet wet in Baja. Should make for an interesting event, during the days and evenings in Ensenada...
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    Air intake plumbing for 5.7 hemi?

    Motor is mildly built (cam and heads w/ large valves). Current intake is an open element next to the pass side fender on 4" alum tubing back to the TB. Struggling with heat soak when the temps rise into triple digits. Truck runs fine while moving but, in triple digits when I get slowed by a...
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    Baja 500

    I bypassed it last week via dirt but I've heard 4 hours and I've heard 30 min. Makes me kinda scared to attempt it as my luck is usually against me. 3-4 hours is too much for me to deal with when I can bypass it but who has actually sat for longer than an hour recently? Are they moving pretty...
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    facebook vs. RDC

    Instagram for me, pictures without the bullsh*t. FB good for messaging friends and staying in touch with family.
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    Been through checkpoints many times, meaning I'm plenty familiar with them, never seen them that aggressive is what I meant. They're usually super cool to us and wanna chit chat.
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    Pretty sure they were holding me up hoping for a 'monetary donation'... especially after they weren't interested in any monsters or goodies that I offered. In fact, after I offered, they ordered me over to the side, sent like 4 dudes over plus a couple federal police to empty my truck and try...