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    Who has the Davito Pro Comp Trophy truck

    My buddy Justin bought this!! We’re working on restoring it to working condition! It will be in JV on oct 12-14 if you want to come and check it out! The Dezert Dimes guys will be out there for our annual meet!! Sent from my iPhone using race-deZert
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    79 Blazer I beam

    So I have been mia, too much going on with a full time gig and two side businesses.. alas I still find time for the dirt!! Did a little night run with almost no lights.. it looks worse than it actually was.. Switched to a vacuum secondary carb as the DP I had was modified and too wild for...
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    Something new 2.2

    Such a beast.. are you going to weld the rear doors shut? Sorry if this has been addressed, I’ve been mia for a bit. Sent from my iPhone using race-deZert
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    My D-I-Y Class 8 Chevy

    Woowwwww that’s gnarly carnage!! I’m surprised that it looks mostly like material failed which is good imho because that meant all the stuff you attached to it was not the weak link.. if I had my choice I’d be swapping arms in a heartbeat vs having to worry the spindles etc being the weak points...
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    Dana 44 front axle

    Detroit true track is what @retroblazer is running and we’ve had no real probs with it.
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    79 Blazer I beam

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    79 Blazer I beam

    Been a few hasn’t it!! I’m happy to report that Lucy has been doing well, I’ve had a few mishaps with the rear shock mounts I put in discovering the leafs I chose were not gonna work and had to limit my travel. That being said she does fly real well. Turns like nobody’s business and has gobs...
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    Solid axle Prerunner

    That was because the photobucket accounts died.. and yes I know this response is wayold. We actually made a solid axle prerunner.. and started a company because of it!!
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    My D-I-Y Class 8 Chevy

    That’s awesome !! We hope to be out there sometime later this year with the class 3 and even toyed around with entering a 1450 race once we finish linking it.
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    The Chevy C100

    Looks good dude!!
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    79 Blazer I beam

    Not yet, I am going to have that operational in less than 2 weeks, or at least that’s my goal for dirt testing.. you know the deal on that though. I agree big white chevys are the best!! Lucy was representing the prerunners well yesterday at my shops grand opening! We had a good turnout, met...
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    79 Blazer I beam

    Finally got this running!! Long time coming and we had our open house Saturday! Made a big push this last two weeks.. Ended up having to make lots of changes to steering and a couple other things. But it runs and drives on and off a trailer!
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    Baja 1000 entry fee

    I’ll push back on this, that rule change was needed for the future crop of class 3 racers not just for Chris, think about what you are saying, at this point the cost of racing isn’t cheap, Chris put up entry for the last two races and didn’t finish one but sure tried to solo, I prep his truck, I...
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    Class 7/7200 Subaru Forester

    That thrash sucks... like really sucks a lot of the time.. Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
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    Something new 2.2

    Wow those are beefy! Might I ask where to get a set? The glass looks good, nice thing is the rear doors follow the bodyline so grafting that in should be easy? Keep up the good work! Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today