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    Jeff Darland

    I seen on another SM platform that Jeff Darland passed away?? Met him a few times at the Rocky Point races - pretty fast guy.. Family has had a rough couple years...
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    Point to point Rocky Point race!

    As of 8pm today, Hwy 86 between Sells, AZ and Why, AZ is closed due to flooding. ADOT doesn't know when it will reopen....
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    Agave Hotel & Cantina 4-night stay up for auction for Charity!

    It's been a while since we have been out to a Race, however I have heard great statements about Chaplain Steve $1750.00.
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    Agave Hotel & Cantina 4-night stay up for auction for Charity!

    Great cause, good people - $1000.00.
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    DezertPeople 10 Premiere Tucson! (Proposed)

    The one by the Airport would be best, or the Harkins @ Cortaro / I-10
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    DezertPeople 10 Premiere Tucson! (Proposed)

    Central location will be tough, Hot Rods Old Vail would be your best bet however its out on the eastside... Try O'Malley's on 4th ave as long as there is no UA game that day.
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    Where is Jesse Jones??

    Where is Jesse hiding these days??
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    The best gun for every day carry?

    This is a very big decsion to make, can you, will shoot someone?? Ask yourself first. I carry a Ruger P345 - 45 Auto everywhere. Love it, have Glocks hiden around my house. Use to get funny looks and comments about CCW, until yesterday, I think most people around Tucson would like to have a...
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    Ironworkers, or pipefitters, (NO POLITICS ZONE!!!)

    There are basiclly no jobs availible here in AZ. You might be able to on with a company if have experience, but it sounds like you are trying to decide which trade to get into. Two years ago we had 75 guys w/ 10 in fab shop. We now have 10 total and I run the shop. I would suggest the Border...
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    Roger Norman Motorsports Fundraiser Event Today

    BIGASS Fans are awesome!! Nice facility.
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    When racing doesn't matter . . .

    On February 15th it will be one year since we had the same issue with the Founder of our company and my second Dad. I got the call on the 12th @ 3am saying "we are taking Jim to the hospital", I never spoke to him again. He passed on the 15th. The worst part was seeing him hooked to all the...
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    Contact Info for Tony Smiley Car 155 MDR Dash

    You can call Smiley's Crane Service in Phx on Monday or try Rich Ronco (Tatum) they are friends.
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    New tt

    Charles, How do we fix it then? No deposit to get started on the project, monthly progress payments or LD's when they don't meet the completion date? We are held to these standards when we all build homes/buildings for owners. I am not looking for an argument, just interested in your thoughts...
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    once in a LIFETIME chance at the "ride of your life", yes, first off at the BAJA 1000

    Re: once in a LIFETIME chance at the "ride of your life", yes, first off at the BAJA Well it looks like Pete just found a new Marketing guy!!
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    HELP!!!!!!! Washer ate the driving suit.

    Glad we could help!! We too have also been directly affected here in our office by Breast Cancer. Best of luck to your wife and all the other women that are racing this weekend also!! Mark