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    Offical San Felipe 250 Update Thread

    awwww Robby Gordon got 2nd
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    glad u found the house

    glad u found the house
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    Tips for Baja Edge of Control

    well thank you,and I never knew how to get out of the pool so I will try that right now! :Dthanks! oh and glad you found the house.
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    Tips for Baja Edge of Control

    I was playing my dad's Baja Edge of Control game and went up some hills.When I was up there I ended up in a big white house.In frount of the house is a globe that says,"THE WORLD IS MINE". Now I think this house is Scar Face's house.I rode all around it and there was guns at every corner! There...
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    hi my name is...

    hi, my name is stephanie. My dad gave me this website. I wish to be in Trophy Kart Racing for kids. I am in school. The only driving i do is Rally Sports Challenge 2 on the xbox. I like going off road with my dad.