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    The Bikes Will Return to The Mint 400 in 2019

    Thats because the car guys are all to old or too fat and out of shape to race bikes. lol
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    Super Charged Trophy Truck?

    thats awesome. At that price it would be worth a try just to see if it will last.
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    Super Charged Trophy Truck?

    Im assuming you can't just run it right out of the crate. I have found new crate motors for $20K.
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    Super Charged Trophy Truck?

    What does it cost? We are building a truck now and haven't made an engine choice yet.
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    Who Makes the Best 6100 Chassis?

    Im thinking about changing religions can some one tell me which one is the best?
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    Who has pics from the 2016 San Felipe 250??

    Can anyone point me to any photographer websites that captured pictures of the 2016 San Felipe 250? Particularly interested in class 1 pics?
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    I do not think any races in the states will ever compare to baja. Its easier and cheaper (particularly with no prerunning) to race in the states and many teams feel safer racing there. But there is only one Baja experience and its not in Parker AZ or Nevada. Just my opinion.
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    SCORE IV250 2015

    really well done.
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    Baja 1000, or other race, do you need help?

    We are racing a class 1 at the 1000. This is our fourth desert race and second one in this car. We use Jake Velasco for our race prep and our race support but we could use extra hands at the 1000. Let me know if your interested.
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    Are you racing or attending the Baja 1000?

    We will be there.
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    A Few IV250 Pics

    Got anymore of # 117 ??
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    SCORE IV250 - Class 1 - who's racing??

    nobody racing class 1 ???
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    SCORE IV250 - Class 1 - who's racing??

    What class 1 teams are planning to race the IV250?
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    Baja racing article in Wired Magazine

    In Defense of Shockingly Dangerous Desert Racing in Mexico Nice article in defense of desert racing in Baja by a mainstream magazine
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    Any truth to the Rumor SCORE has a new owner??

    Heard SCORE has been bought by a Mexico based family?