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  • Things are slow so i will be at the first PC mar 12 not sure after that
    916 223 2646 Give me a call
    Never saw you round LA but I am now back in NorCal. Trying to put together a mini stock to run Lucas Regionals and hoping there will be a class at VORRA. Planning on testing at PC once I get the truck done. How's your race program going?
    Why do these guys post and not expect to get challenged. I do not know them . there not my God. I started in offroad in the late 70 sweeping floors at Stroppe. Check out VORRA Im 118
    Hey Matt, i worked for stroppe as a kid and got into racing cars afew years ago. I think its funny how some guys are self proclaimed experts . i am not . Racing is expensive so i have a lot of questions when i spend money. People can tell me what ever they want . NOW back it up . Chrck out the VORRA site im 118
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