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  • hi! haven't logged onto this in forever-- since I sold the ranch. I saw a PM from you but can't seem to get to it...If you need me contact me at PS. Ranch is back up for sale by new owners. I have listing (most likely because I am only one who can get out there). How badly is it washed out ? is it an island yet ? can i drop in by rock house or do I have to go dry lake ?
    Are you guys racing the event or spectating? We would love to have you guys help out in the main pit and an outlying pit. We are doing pits with two other teams. You can reach me at 702-988-9600 (office) or my cell at 949-355-8887.
    I am going out this weekend....have a friends meeting me with their trucks so I am good getting around...I have to get everything cleaned up and running since it has been so long since I have been out there....I will be there with much more frequency now. Miss it ! Good luck with your prep and I will catch you out there soon...Send your friends by if they are out this coming weekend.
    hey steve - I am back in Cali and going to be heading out for a weekend soon...Do you have any weekends coming up that you guys will be out? I sold my truck so I may be walking from Mels house unless I can convince Jim to pick me up :). Ghetto!
    Hey Steve. I am out of the dez for a little while. Building a cage for the rhino and making a few other mods so it is in pieces in the shop. Sounds like a perfect weekend to be out there though. Enjoy!
    HAHA...fuk yeah, I got everyone here hooked on that **** too!, still waitin on TL to announce the complete schedule. Lookin forward to Baja Cup, gonna be a blast!
    Thanks man. Wish I could make the OW for the holiday but pretty sure 10 days of baja will chew me up. Have fun down there! I will have to make the next one. New yYears for sure..
    Oy! Hey Steve. Bryan from Chase racing here. I am Jen Colemans Boy toy. Just sayin hey.. We are gonna be out in the OW area by thursday afternoon. Stop if you are out for a ride. Love to meet ya. Always good to know the other local kids out in the dirt.
    hey sorry i didn't bring stickers to the expo...they were stolen!....honesty who steals stickers? i tried to find your booth to let you know but i couldn't find it :/
    Cool that sounds fun!! I try to get out every other weekend or so but this month isn't going to work out :) I will let you know when I head out next!! Let me know how I can help with the clean ups also!!
    No kidding!! SO I'm still waiting to hear back from the couple people who might be serious about helping your organization... I'm not really sure that I have the time or experience to be a coordinator-but I would like to know what I can do to help out! I love the deserts and Ocotillo is one of my favorite places to go.. SOOO anything I can do to help make it better and keep it open I'm down for! :D
    ha ha dude your other favorite website cracks me up-I had to look and see if it was real!!! to funny!!
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