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    Neighbors Threatening to Sue Over Noise

    If your neighbor really expects complete peace and quiet and is willing to go to great lengths to get her way, you're in a hard place. How much time and money are you willing to spend to win? Are you willing to stop using your garage for anything other than parking cars until this is resolved...
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    Moving: help me choose where

    That's specific. You selling?
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    Moving: help me choose where

    Thanks for the suggestion. Are there certain areas you can suggest in the Phoenix area?
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    Moving: help me choose where

    Yes, California is one of the hardest, most expensive states to work with. Energy costs are radically higher, real estate is more expensive, filing fees with the state are a multiple of other places. These factors played into my decision to leave when I did. What I have found is that while...
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    Moving: help me choose where

    Looking for help choosing a region/city/location. Any help would be much appreciated. I have been thinking about this for just over a year, and have been all over the Internet trying to make a smart decision. I have made a handful of scouting trips, but figured I'd be better off asking you guys...
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    socal ford diesel shop

    Diesel Powerhouse in Norco, if you can handle the trips out and back.
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    Brazen Motorsports - Mini-Documentary

    Congratulations on finishing the 425. Video is great, music choices are spot on.
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    How Are Race Teams Incorporated?

    Thanks for the replies. My understand now is that these teams, even if they may be organized as an LLC, are exactly the money pits they seem like they would be. Just in case I am not understanding this right, it sounds to me like each team has one (or more) patrons who make the whole operation...
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    How Are Race Teams Incorporated?

    I have tried to figure this out through search, but don't know which terms to search for. How are race teams, or even private efforts organized or incorporated? When I see pictures of a spotless warehouse full of spares, tools and trucks, am I looking at something organized as its own entity...
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    Utah to So Cal on dirt

    Wow, what's the estimated mileage looking like if you avoid as much pavement as possible? I've driven LA to to SLC/PC a couple of times, and have wondered about what you're planning more than once.
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    the most beautiful sound known to man...

    What was the event featured in the first clip on the youtube video? I haven't seen such high quality (modern looking) video with that many two strokes.
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    forks slapping

    It sounds like something is allowing a hard top out. I don't know what brand/year of forks you have, but that's sometimes the result of something not being built/rebuilt correctly. When you call them you might want to say that the forks are topping out hard or some variant of that.
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    Hello, my name is Steve

    First post. My name is Steve. stgil888 on Desert Rides and Dezert Rangers. stgil888 on Ridemonkey for any bikers. I don't have a truck. That's a big part of what I'll be doing on here in the next few months. I'm currently searching for a 1992-1996 Ford F-series to begin a build.