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  • Hey man i didnt mean to post two threads one right after the other. My computer is dumb and I didnt think it posted the first time but then I read that you have to view it first. You can just delete the first one and post the second one if you'd like. Thanks.
    i need help putting up my ad I just bought on the front page! can you call me at 928 210 9972
    Hey "stuckthrottle" I represnt two companies, (FuelForged795) a custom fabrication shop and (DirtWhore) a clothing upstart and future online dirt sports magazine, both from Las Vegas. I would like to know how soon i can make posts even if they have to be approved. Also if we would be allowed to promote RDC on our websites. If you could get back to me at ur earliest convienience that would be awesome. Thank You, Josh

    I need to update my last 2 post about practice at Speedworld & the info regarding V.I.P. RV spots.

    Can you get me in there to edit it real quick???

    Roland Mc New
    Hey while your thinkin of a good comeback why not forward my message to klaus !!!! Oh ya i dont post kool old pictures because i can barely turn this thing on and for the life of me cant figure out how to put them up.not because im a f--ing although im kinda built like one and have the same disposition . Oh ya im the same freakin troll who fed all the daily boys and all the da. Crew tacos san felipe sandwiches , chorizo burritos for 3 meals out of my own pocket all were welcome !!!! Troll huh, fkcu
    hey buddy whats up??? is this wed site for a few or all of the offroad community????? im freakin pissed i spell fkcu and your little fish guy bans me for 2 weeks ..... now its quite obvious it was because i didnt sugarcoat an opinion. dont know how this site operates..but flyhighfly low puts in big ass bold letters F---ING A--HOLE AND IT JUST BECOMES FUNNY..THANKS .. was gona think about advertising my soap co on this site not now .you know im at all the races chasing for Cameron and the desert assasins.Beenround desert racin since 1969 been gointo baja since 1972 pitted for the Mears Gang for a long time . voluntere for Goodyear 1979 on WITH WALKER J JOHNSON ROGER MEARS MIKE MOORE AND THE TEAM. Ichoose not to sound off each time id like to i dont like the sarcasm and bull**
    why are there five -plus front page threads on the texas firecracker race when the car count was approx. 30 vehicles total? I like these guys and their enthusiasm, but they have been spamming your (our) site. Don't you see that? Perhaps they are a big $$$$ advertiser with RDC? No big deal, just an observation. doug
    Hey Mod, newb here an Im wonderin how long till I can post??? I got legit questions, not just another trollin Mofo. Thanks man.
    Hey stuckthrottle, can CODE offroad have its own entity in the what DRIVE has....Thanks
    I spent hours and hours making small entertaining videos and now see I apparently, am to post in the event video thrread.... so I posted two videos and nobody knows they are there. Can you help me out here? I want to post more, bigger, more better videos, but not on page 8 of BAP video thread on the third page. thanks

    Is there a way to let viewers know there is a new video posted that day? Perhaps an icon on the front page?
    I posted the "150 miles...Cal City" about two hours ago in the "Bikes" thread. I followed the same format as one of the other postings: "FYI"

    What happened to my post? Did you take it out altogether and if so, I'd like to know why?
    You know all promoters are just trying to survive the current situation. I would think that RDC would be willing to help us. We are not rolling in money, I have been underwrting our races for several years, because people need places to ride and Cal City needs the business and needs to be left alone, with our deserts open.

    Please call me at 760.578.6258 or e-mail me at

    If you had nothing to do with the cancelling or moving of my post, will you please forward the same question to the other two moderators?

    Thank you.

    Lou Peralta
    I posted a thread about chase racks yesterday in the general desert forum and I can't find it anywhere. Where did it get pushed off to? Maybe I should have put "DA member looking for chase rack".:rolleyes:
    Re: Team PORTER / WHELCHEL gear up for "Round Two"


    Dear moderator,

    Please delete this thread do to numerous inaccuracies.
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