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    Trophy Truck RC

    Those are Awesome!
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    Wild West 100 - Montana Baja

    That Sounds Awesome, I LOVE Montana
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    Ram 2500 Diesel 5.9 Intake and Exhaust

    AFE Intake, and almost any 4" or 5" exhaust with a free flowing muffler will help ALOT, Also Some Upgraded Injectors help alot with Fuel Miliage
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    LOORRS - Favorites of the year so far

    Nice Pics! Cant wait for Speedworld
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    Black S-10

    Looks Awesome!
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    Stetler's rhino build

    Brett, The Car Turned out SICK! I got to check it out in Person at the Sand Show, Props Guys!
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    Joyner 800cc Feedback

    i would go with a predator car over a joyner.....FWIW
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    Hi Im Jordan

    Whats up guys, Great Site, My Name is Jordan And i am Hoping to Build a car to Race in next years BITD and SCORE series. i am Wanting to Start in the UTV Class and Work uop from there, I Will Be Hanging around here, learning what i can