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    KING shocks Battle at Primm

    Looking at the Schedule of Events, Qualifying seems to be missing, or am I reading it wrong?
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    2020 BITD Silver State 300 Race Updates and Info

    If they were in a black and grey Rubbermaid action packer with red locking handles they sound like ours. There were ratchet straps and a bunch of zip-ties in the box. We were chasing for Jeepspeed #1706. Much appreciate you posting this and looking for the owners !
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    On Topic Rescheduled, postponed, canceled races and events

    Any word if the BITD Silver State 300 is going to be canceled or rescheduled ??
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    On Topic Rescheduled, postponed, canceled races and events

    Ryan, where did you get your information from ?
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    Rage at the River

    Well, I've got a couple of dents in my rear cage from a 5/16 that would say otherwise !!
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    Rage at the River

    As of today, 33 cars..... Also, did anyone notice in the drivers notes that it states... "DO NOT nerf Stock Bugs or Class 9"
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    What are class nine top speeds on a dry lake bed?

    69 MPH on broken asphalt during BAP... Old over weight 1989 Chenowth
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    MINT 400 start date

    Was doing laundry and happened to toss these two shirts down side by side and noticed that they have different start years. Just wondering why the difference.
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    On Topic Pistol Pete / History Channel

    We enjoyed the first show. We have the DVR set for the series.
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    Battle at Primm class 9 5-1600 shootout

    We'll be there. I think there are 11 total pre entered as of today, a few haven't paid their deposit. As far as the pace for BAP, it's a short course and it's pretty much just a sprint race and don't break ! One of our favorite races, have to love the tree bar during the evenings for shear...
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    @@ PHOTOS @@ From Rage at the River.

    Any of 951 ??
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    It's been real... Thank you!

    Best of luck Todd, AKA Wheezy, hope your surgeries go well and your health improves. Stop by the races and say hi !
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    On Topic Rage 17

    Racing backwards was a blast. Interesting running with the added UTVs on Sunday.
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    Beam: CL to Race car--what's needed

    We agree with mrmatt, Doug Silcock puts together a bullet proof front end.
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    Type Three Rear Hub

    I'm looking for a rear hub. I am running a 4 lug two piece type three rear hub/brake drum. Anyone have one for sale or know where the best place is to get them ?