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  • Rhiannon,

    Hi you probably don't remember me but you helped me out at the last Offroad Swapmeet. Anyways, I just bought a used Com 6 and it's missing the push to talk buttons and I'd like to get it wired for a I pod. What's the cost and what address and whos attention do I send it to?

    Please email me back at onl1mikey@gmail.com or hit me up on DR, becuase I don't check RDC very often.


    it won't process my order. i am clearly me, and it says my card info isn't right... calling on monday.

    wow! i totally just blew it! haha
    i looked at the accessories page, and found the mp3 adapter.

    sorry to be a bother :)
    Hi my name's ryan.

    I was just about to order an intercom 4 link pro.
    The website says to add an mp3 adapter, and there isn't a box to check to add one. do i just specify in my notes section on the order form???

    thanks for your help
    Rhiannon i got a couple of pictures of you and Rick @ pit 6 fyi I'll send them to ya. Great job on getting it done.

    Larry Cox
    McMillin Racing

    Thanks for hookin up the Intercom and HDS7 GPS at the Luduc Swap Meet.

    Hi SweetDevil,
    I just bought a 1600 car and it didn't come with a radio or a intercom, what kind of deal can you set me up with? full package radio, intercom, and 2 head sets Thanks,
    Does PCI off road prep Lowrance GPS units that are not "Baja" units, I have a 4800m I got from a guy at work and was wondering if you do this kinda thing to them. Thanks.
    Happy B-day Rhiannon!! Thanks for all you do for us at the races. Don't look a day over 19:)
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