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  • Thanks for the kind words in the 2011 recap thread and thanks for all the support! Looking forward to next season being just around the corner - Where are you guys planning to do the majority of your races?
    Thanks, Jonathan!

    I'm looking forward to talking to you soon as well. Please do keep me in mind for the 2012 season.

    Thanks, again!

    Jose Garcia

    Direct Line: 831.444.4468
    Hi Jonathan,

    I don't know if you remember me from Chico -- I always saw you at Safeway getting groceries. We spoke briefly about a internship opportunity with Swift Motorsports.

    Does your team currently have any openings available?

    Take care,

    Jose Garcia

    Direct Line: 831.444.4468

    P.S. I graduated from Chico State in May 2010 with a B.A. in Journalism, option in public relations, minor in marketing.
    Jonathon, how come you guys are not racing the NORRA Mexican 1000 this year?? I am going to miss your cool rides.. There is still tim to make it,

    Hope all is well,
    Rick L. Johnson
    Its cool, I got the Grabber Olds in my cross hairs this year. But I think we can still battle in 7200. Maybe this year will be better for us.
    I was great seeing your Dad back out in the desert - I hadn't seen him for two or three years! Good choice with Steve - he's a class act!

    I saw your truck parked at Safeway. Give me a call sometime. I'm heading down to Baja in a month. Let me know how your racing is going.

    See you around...

    Swifty, whats up? Did you guys race in Laughlin a couple weeks ago? How did it go? You racing this weekend at Parker?
    Jonathon! I had to get on here and look at you defending Uncle Buck he was telling me about it when I was home... Hope everything is going great at Chico!!! Good luck at Parker...uncle buck was trying to get me to fly in but I have a horse show :( --Linds

    My place is at 1-B Klondike Ct, just off First Avenue and Warner. Just Map Quest my address. I'll call you tomorrow about the party.

    BTW, It's really close to the Safeway we met at.
    Hi John,

    Thanks again for the call. I had no idea that someday one of my favorite Class 7 drivers would be going to the same college as me. I hope your not lying about me tagging along at some of your races. I would seriously **** my pants if I get to help out.

    Let me know when I can help.


    BTW, my friends and I are having a beer pong party this Friday. You should come over. Lots of girls bro!
    hey this is barry karakas.i talked to casey last week about us being moved to the 2 nd race and told him that i though i would be better for us.i think we as 7200 would get a better race and would be able to run all 4 laps. if you want to talk more about this call me at 760-887-3004 thanks barry
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