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  • How's the truck doing? I want a picture of the newer truck (class 6) for my shop. Which one of you guys has the good pictures?
    I will sell you a full tube class 7200 with a H/P / dose 90* dry sump v6 485hp fuel injected truck for 95k if you interested.
    Bryan 520-400-6668
    how can we talk about pit plans when we don't have a map yet? we usually make a quick stop and go and top off after ojos somewhere and then we'll prolly stop somewhere around san felipe for some dumpcans. then we'll prolly switch drivers around huerfinito or all the way to gonzaga. maybe even coco's but it's too early to know for sure. each set of our drivers will have their own section to prerun. steve and i will start and will go about 250 miles give or take. for our prerun, i'm at steve's mercy as to when because of his flaky boss and the schedule he has. my other main driver bill kellison plans out most of the logistics because he and the boys are really good at it after chasing for tavo for along time. we'll talk soon bob. as soon as we know a few things. can't wait. rs
    how you doing sir, i saw your default picture and i believe we meet at a plaster city race back in april you were with your nephew i believe. any ways iam the owner of the white t100 that you parked right next to, if your not that person sorry just disregard this message, if you are well nice seeing here in race-dezert.
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