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    Thinking about renting 3rd seat for Norra any thoughts or experience welcome

    Trying to decide if we pull the third seat or rent it to off set costs of the race. thoughts
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    Who's Working on a Class 8000

    that looks like a center A-arm set up to me nothing like a torsion bar set up Chevy ever put out.
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    Who makes the best TT today?

    you can see it from google but its still needs to be pre run to see if it all works . you have to connect the dots a good co driver that makes notes and pays attention is another piece of the puzzle. Its not just a seat its part of the team.
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    On Topic Wilwood Brakes on bronco

    solo motorsports has a ez kit
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    Race radios in baja what are the rules

    well since i attempted to contact the team owner / leader, and he told me he didnt care if my driver and co rider were hurt . i dont fell bad outing him i thought we might be able to talk and work it out . WRECKED RACING Steve Sells total A-Hole said he did the keying of the mic and didnt care...
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    Switch Pros

    they are bad ass we run them in our class8 as well
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    RIP Leonard Greaser

    He was a very cool man .As a kid he would teach us things about cars and trucks always a big smile he was loved by many
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    Race radios in baja what are the rules

    Justin yes we had a problem with another race team using the channel we have been using for s number of years. he was screaming on the radio it was his channel creating radio traffic and being a jerk in general. We rolled our truck 3 times early in the race . In the process of working out the...
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    Race radios in baja what are the rules

    so what are the rules laws in mexico with the channels. can some please help with an answer , is there an answer . Thx in advance
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    thank you

    thank you
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    803 Solo Motorsports/ El Corralito F 150

    JT there will be a old RED friend of yours race next years Norra. You had a great Ride built in that little beauty.
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    On Topic 50th SCORE Baja 500

    Mooch2Peril any chance of getting a copy of that kml file
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    Unsportsman Like Conduct- Mike Frye

    Never thought i would say it. NICE WORK PETE. and anyone who takes a swing at a paralyzed kid is an ass hole. no questions asked.