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  • Hey you must be TED Cuffaro!! haha jk ... i know i know it's TODD, just having a good laugh at Wes from TORC keep saying your name as TED!

    ill have to introduce myself at the next race!!... see ya in the dirt!!

    adam gunn
    Congrats on last last weekend Todd! Picking up where you left off, you plan on running the whole season with Lucas?
    Man, I don't know. From what I've heard WSORR is going through some major changes, so I don't think anybody is going to commit until those are announced. Plus, I definitely spent all the money I could get my hands on last year and didn't pick up $1 of sponsorship so we probably won't be able to do a complete series if there is too much traveling. What have you been up to?
    Hey Todd, This is Sean, I do the video work for Danny Ebberts and Scott Schvajsa. Any ways good to see you on here.
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