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    Seats -suspension or not?

    The political argument is hard to buy when other Mastercraft products are FIA approved. Not that it matters, but I've eaten crap really hard in suspension seats in a 1 car (KO'd myself, put the back of my head through the radiator/bent fuel cell because the seat folded in half backwards...
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    Lobsam Yee has been in a accident

    I'm going to go see him this afternoon. I'm sure he knows he has many supporters, but I'll make sure to mention it.
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    DirtSports-Driver of the Year?

    How could it not be Deegan?? He's going to win Lucas pro 2 and pro Lite championships, won XGames Rally, got a medal at XGames on a dirt bike, and he's dong the Race of Champions. Look at that list of drivers....if he does anything there (I bet he does) then that alone puts him in a different...
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    Trophylite Financing?

    I wouldn't loan anybody a penny towards racing. From my experience, whatever you pay for the car is the minimum you would spend a year to race it. If someone can't write a check for 75k to buy a truck, they can't afford to race it, much less pay back a loan AND race it. Plus, what kind of...
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    Todd Cuffaro?

    I started a CNC machine shop here in San Diego (Miller CNC) about 3 years ago and we began growing really quickly towards the end of 2009, so there's no time/money for racing, unfortunately. Hopefully soon. As for the V-8s, I think spec racing is lame in general. Pro Lite is a super...
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    Esslinger Pro Lite motors?

    I think almost everybody switched to Nogrady.
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    Entry Fees Lucas and Torc = RIP OFF

    I'm surprised you are OK with spending $175K on a truck, but $1500 entry a weekend upsets you. Entry fees are cheap compared to the cost of racing. If you run a decent team, I doubt that it's uncommon to spend $25k just prepping a Pro-2 each race. You should probably go race and see how it goes...
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    Loors V-8 UL?

    I thought he had a steering problem? V8s are lame!!!
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    Got to ask again... What Pro-Lites are for sale?

    My truck is still for sale. It beats up on most Fords out there...and it's cheaper, and it's more reliable, and it comes with enough spares to just about build another truck. Todd - 619-501-9866
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    TORC MEDIA ALERT: TORC 2010 Traxxas PRO Light Class

    Currie's gonna be rich!!!
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    u buy used tt engine for 10k, u ride parker race in #2, u still own engine after race

    Re: u buy used tt engine for 10k, u ride parker race in #2, u still own engine after Pete, I'll buy it...I drive the first half, you keep it. What do ya think??? .....and I'll grow a mullet
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    Pro-lite and Super Buggy Spec Engines?

    I would be REALLY surprised if the spec V8 competes with the current 4 bangers. In real terms, is the cheaper engine going to save a competitive race team a substantial amount of money? Maybe spend 225k instead of 250k per year to race? My Nissan Pro Lite is for sale, I only spent $6000...
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    Sponsorship available for a LOORRS driver/team

    Get some money to Garit Wallace! That dude is fast when he's in a solid truck.
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    Congrats Deegan!

    THE FACT IS THAT THERE WAS NO PROTEST!!!!!!! Who is the driver that protested? Seems like it probably would have been me, right? Lucas techs cars after every race, not just this one time. As far as I know, this is the first time that THEY DECIDED to check wheelbase. The story is actually...
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    Congrats Deegan!

    Lay-off the keyboard bashing and say it to his face you puss.