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  • Not bad..went out to glamis, butter cup, gordons well.... swaped out carrier bearing on my rear diff... ate some turkey....... drank a beer or 2 cant really remember... How about yourself? how was OW?
    thanks it was great meeting you also! ok cool if you want you can email them to me rjdormack@msn.com thanks!!
    I would like to.... but my rear end is making alot of noise from chasing the 1000.... I think I lost the carrier bearing... or the pinion bearing... im goin to swap it out and go to glamis instead I think... closer..
    yep yep. its kind of intimate when its small...and less people to wait for to get ready to ride lol. well have fun out there this weekend. i'm gonna have a blast! hopefully will remember to take pics so i can show you guys who are gonna miss it! :)
    Um usually we do. But some of our friends are going to camp somewhere else with other friends this trip. And some aren't going to make it due to financial stuff. So this time I think its going to be a small group, although I've already had 2 more families decide they were coming today and 2 more that are on the edge of going lol. I hate undecisiveness (unless it pertains to me!)
    you did it just fine!! :)

    Ok no worries who knows maybe some girls will end up wanting to come along anyways LOL I was just trying to help out a friend :)
    hey girl!! Can't wait for OW-are you camping with us??? If you are I have a cute single friend thats coming.. got any non smoking single girls that want to come along :) LOL He lives down closer to you-so it's hard if I try and hook him up with any of my friends because we live like 50 miles away!! :D LOL

    You also need to add your name to the list of those who are going in the whatever section-OW for thanksgiving thread :D
    no but she has and RDC account :p LOL her name is Tigress7ty she is on my friends list if you want to go add her from there!! So you had fun I hear!! I LOVE her buggie!! :)

    Are you still coming out for Thanksgiving to Ocotillo.. even though Evan isn't?
    we ran into some snags down in baja but had a good time.. made it back ok.. im really tired we got home at 4am and i had to be at work at 8.. and i was only 5 mins late.. not bad huh.. :D

    i put up some pics in my build thread for my truck..
    we ended up doing most the course.. no major problems probably 4 hours of down time total prerun..
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