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  • No. It's faster than a truck as it is. She doesn't need any more power. As a matter of fact, it lays down more power to the tire than most trophy trucks. I Have never broke a drive train component.
    Hey mate, regarding your class 10 car with the busa, What tyres did you run? test much? Cheers
    thanks for the good luck for the BAR tag on my swap. do you have any information or know anyone that has been through this?
    Just saw your response to my message. I've been very busy with customers, prepping for the B1K.
    Your correct, the site appears to be down, possibly permanently.
    My son's email is EVINPOWELL@COX.NET. Email him and let him know you are interested. He is not one of the decision makers, senior students hold those positions.
    Saw your post with the JB-Weld comment. Bad Idea. JB-Weld will not adhere to a fuel cell bladder. It will adhere to aluminum, steel and other materials, but not a bladder.

    Also, poked around your profile a bit and see you are at UCSD. My son is there also. He is in his 3rd year as a mechanical engineering student. He is also part of the Formula-SAE program on campus. Are you involved with this program? If not and if you are any good at mechanics, fabrication and/or just good common sense with respect to building race cars, you may find their program a lot of fun.
    Id didn't take it that way. I can say from my experience racing 1600 cars, 7200 trucks, and 1450 that at those speeds it is easy to get through the dust. but at 100 mph and with the dust kicked up by the sppeds and size of the trucks it is like driving in a bad fog. You really cant see much. Take the Potts truck that started behind us for example, he tried getting through our dust and crashed his truck and got a big DNF... The other problem at this race is there was no either or lines. It is just single track 90% of the time so it makes it near imposable to pass. That is why if you look at the times of Whitton and us we are about the same all day because we were running with the same down time.
    As for the trucks, thank you! We are trying to think outside the box and make a faster more reliable truck that costs way less to prep because its not tearing it self apart due to being to heavy. We hope to start getting results soon but time will tell!
    UCSB, now he's teaching and pursuing a doctorate at UCR. I'm glad you are thinking about education rather than tattoos. I first saw my uncle's Navy tat's after he'd retired from the USAF, and they looked more like old shrapnel wounds treated in the field by a Marine medic.

    Re: finances. I never got one, but many of my college friends from well-heeled families received credit cards and really blew it. I don't know if they got an education, but I sure did. I use cc's extensively, but don't pay interest. I pay my bills instead.
    Our old manager wass Eddie Sorano.. Before him Rick Ellis. Both of which are married. I work at store 40.
    I've been there 2.5 years now, and our store has problably seen over 20 different manager since I've been here. The two listed were just the main store managers haha.
    And thanks! I ran outa money though.. Lol
    Thanks for the heads up! Thats going to be awesome! I'm going to need to pick one up for december.
    that was my buddy rick that did that, and it was bright orange, like the lucky sperm. I co pilot with him.
    The avatar is Oj simpson being chased by the police. The name of my bronco is baja oj (white bronco).
    hey Mike (pappawheely) is looking for some race reports of the big race... do you want to type one up or no?
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