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    Toyota 1GR 4.0L V6 Engine Build....

    Bump for a 2+ year update, curious whether you ever got the engine up and running?
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    Cnc machines and programming

    There are a ton of free SW tutorials on Youtube. For a nice basics course try, it is $25 per month and you can do their tut in a few days, so a 1 month sub could do it for you. I went through it a few months back to refresh some of my skills. There were so many other cool computer...
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    lower link to rearend housing mounting postion thoughts!!

    @ kdm7 - Triaged designed up a cool little 4 link calculator, you can down load it by clicking here. Play with it a little, it works well and will teach you quite a bit about link placement in regards to anti-squat, roll center etc. :cool:
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    shop recommendation - OC area - transfer case rebuild

    Tom and Mike over at T&Js are great guys and a wealth of knowledge. The other T-case guru would be Jason over at Tri-County Gear in Pomona. Not in OC, but not too far away either.
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    Ford 9" venting and brakes on Chevy truck

    Looking at the wear patterns especially those at the axle near the splines, I am wondering if your housing is a little tweaked?
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    For those who apreciate a good challange

    That it really cool Jeff, thanks for sharing.
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    Need advise on a rear diff for a 8.8 prerunner???

    Go ARB Air Locker and have the best of both worlds, open for the street and a full spool on demand.
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    How would I turn a ford 9" rear end into a full floater on a budget

    For a super budget full floater 9" just graft the spindles and hubs off a GM 14 bolt rear axle, use the caliper brackets from Ruffstuff and some good 35 FF spline shafts. Dean @ Perf. Cryo builds flanges and double spline shafts for the 14 bolt hub.
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    Miller 180 vs 211

    We have a 211 here and it is the nicest small welder I've used. It flows real nice and the dual voltage is handy to have if you need to do a welding job over at a friends house (i.e. he may or may not be wired for 220v). As far as size, the 211 outputs 150 amps, the 180 outputs 135 amps, and...
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    9" 3rd ?

    The most common 35 spline for most aftermarket builders is the 60* Dana spline pressure angle; Mark Williams uses a 45* spline pressure angle. For pinion supports, you only need to worry about specialty pin supports if you are going to use 35 spline pro gears or are flipping the housing. For...
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    Cantilever Bell Crank question???

    I don't know if you would call it a rising/falling rate. To me a rising or falling rate has more to do with shock mounting in relation to it's travel. Or maybe better put: does the shock get easier or harder to compress as it goes through it's travel. In a cantilever system the bellcrank can be...
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    TSA Motorsports 2011 4x4 7200 truck

    Wow, I too am surprised you've went through 6 engines. The Jeep 4.0 inline 6 is a pretty bulletproof engine, even when stroked. I wonder if it has anything to do with the 5.0 storke? The 4.6s and 4.7s seem to work pretty good.
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    Where have you been Derek?

    Where have you been Derek?
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    TSA Motorsports 2011 4x4 7200 truck

    Any updates on this truck? Did it race any races this year? Any teething problems?
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    J-arm vs. A-arm

    Well then ask some questions and get this thread back rolling! I know it's an old thread, but thanks Fabricator for posting that description up when you did, it was timely information for me and helped me along in learning more about IFS suspension.