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    Dirtyminds tacoma 4x4

    Is that a welded in grade 8 bolt? Have you done this before? Because unless you preheated and post heated to have it cool VERY slowly that affected heat area is going to be incredibly brittle. Since the zinc coating is still on it I'm assuming it was not treated appropriately.
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    a-arm conversion

    To answer part of your question...the arms don't NEED to mounted at an angle or straight off but there are positives and negatives to both. Dune Buggy should be able to give your the mounting point dimensions for the bulkhead though. They should at least tell you the horizontal and vertical...
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    If you want the harness reworked and the computer flashed then contact Jim's Performance. I think it was 3-400 for the harness thinned and 150 for the computer flashed to whatever.
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    How much travel really needed....

    Dealing with a scaled down trophy truck of sorts, how much travel is really "needed". I've been told that most of the travel in trophy trucks is within 1/3 of static ride height. Obviously airing out the truck is a different story but how often does that really happen. At what point does a...
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    Looking for a lightweight 4 or 6 cylinder, but...

    So I am looking for a 4 or 6 cylinder engine that has to have over 200 horsepower and must be able to bolt to a 700R4 trans. I am looking for light weight (something in the 200 pound range if possible). So what is out there?
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    Running a 9" upside down

    I run flipped 9 inches on my car and they work well. You want to build a scoop that pics the oil off the base of the pinion and scraps oil and directs it to the bearing off the ring gear. Pictures of the process has been posted on pirate. Search for flipped 9" oil and you'll see. There is...
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    Looking for Jeepspeed peeps

    If you come out to look at already built cars, line as many up as you can. It is unfortunate but there are a lot of poorly built xj's out there in the jeepspeed class. My personal opinion is that it takes a lot longer to fix someone's mistakes than start from scratch, but I guess it also...
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    Cam lock harnesses legal?

    I prefer the cam lock over the latch style but I'm wondering if they are legal for Score and BITD? Can anyone confirm for me? Thanks
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    4wd chevy spindle upright?

    14.5 inches flange to flange. 19.5 inches axle flange to axle flange. It is as short as I could get it and still have Currie make me some axles.
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    If you had 18 inches of front travel to play with...

    Same car but I didtched the straight axle for IFS.
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    If you had 18 inches of front travel to play with...

    2 inch coil carriers and 2.5 triples
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    If you had 18 inches of front travel to play with...

    I'm certainly no authority and there's a big difference between book smart and real world running down a desert road. I've found people's real life experience is often time more valuable than what someone wrote in a book and the whole a arm setup is pretty new to me. It's just a fun car 104...
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    If you had 18 inches of front travel to play with...

    What percentage of uptravel and down travel would you put it at and why? I've heard everything from 50/50 to 70/30 for more up travel than down travel capability. Thoughts?
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    4wd chevy spindle upright?

    Lots of projects and they all need a little lovin'. :D
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    4wd chevy spindle upright?

    Thanks guys. This is what I am dealing with. Not your average chevy.