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    Merge Score & BITD together as one???

    Well, at least it's pretty much out in the open now. I've been waiting for the conversation to swing around to the idea of throwing the little guys under the bus. Because that's exactly the trend of this post. The big boys are whats important, the rest, well not so much. I"ll ask the brain trust...
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    2014 Baja 1000 Loop or Peninsula ?

    I'll be the Richard Cranium of the day, but I could REALLY, really care less about how much filming time is available. Are you KIDDING me? Luke is spot on, the folks in Sur need our dollars generated by pre-running and racing. Hope it stays on for the Peninsula!
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    O.K., I think I get it. Points are points until their not points? So if you enter 4 of the 5 SCORE races, and for whatever reason can't or don't race the 1000, but end up with the most points you are what, dog***t. What if tour in a class where only 3 guys race first race, 6-2nd, 5-3rd, 7 4th...
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    No Pat, its not that. It was time for Sal to retire and turn it over for a young man's game and energy. But for me AND a whole lot of others, it's that we were just so WRONG about this guy. I sincerely thought he would be a fresh approach to a long traditional sport. I get that he owns it. I...
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    What's wrong with you people. Norman is right, no matter what. No critisizm allowed of the GREAT ONE. Deano, the stuff you outlined are race LOGISTIC audibles. This is policy. I agree that if this policy should be changed, it should be done at the beginning of a season. What is this, a reach to...
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    Did Welchel get screwed???

    Like many, I have no dog in this particular fight. But as an owner AND full sponsor,, I"ll tell you this. I would NEVER put my personal name on a race car OR sign up as as a DOR for any reason. I would be to GD embarrassed to claim credit for something I didn't do, or in my case couldn't do...
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    2015 SCORE World Desert Championship schedule announced

    Here's the wet blanket....again. I really like the IDEA of a Baja Sur race. Those folks down there love the sport and the ones we have met are just great folks. However... does ANYONE care about cost? How much do you think pre-running this course will ADD to the race cost. Now I do see that...
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    Time limit for the Baja 1000

    When we won in 2010 and 2012 in a 1/2 1600 our times were as follows, 2010: 25.5 hrs. 40.5 MPH Avg. 1061 miles, and in 2012: 25.04 Hrs. 44.7 MPH Avg. 1121 miles. In Our 9 car you could add 10 hrs. easy. It's tough but doable.
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    Engine rule change, Limited classes @ CODE Off Road

    Jeez Sr. Iribe, are you kidding. There all garbage, WTF? The VW motor has been one of THE most amazing motors ever built. After running the 1000 and we tear down, I'm still amazed at how utterly reliable and durable these motors are! Don't think Dr. Porsche ever envisioned this! In my humble...
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    Congrats to 1609

    Our heartiest kudos to David Rubalcava and Stevie Cruz for their big win in the 1/2 1600 class. Their time was FAST and they raced clean. Pre-running does make a difference! Good job guys, I know you've been tryin'. Also, a shout to Miguel Cortez and his first SCORE finish. This guy is a...
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    Tony Tellier’s Top Tips – SCORE Imperial Valley 250 - Who will win?

    Put ALL of my dough on " the Great " Cody R; with Mikey L. dead in his A**.
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    Fuel Questions

    Pat is exactly correct. Around Ensenada you can use M/C or Visa, but down south no bueno usually till you get down to La Paz ( sometimes ) and Cabo (usually OK ).
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    Fuel Questions

    Hey Pat, are you going to NORRA this year?
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    Entry Fee for PC main pit??

    Not trying to start a brawl here, but when I was in El Centro this week, I heard a RUMOR that the entry fee into Main Pit infield spectator area was giong to be $ 80.00 per head. Does anyone know if this is accurate? I'm JUST ASKING!
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    SCORE Plaster City. Are you coming to race?

    Hey Dan, tell me something. Why is it when I bring up the time between PC and the 500, and all the difficulty it entails, I get freaking roasted. Now I know your status and mine in this sport are quite different. Cody buddy, how much pre-running do you get in at Parker or Primm? Takes time Lad...