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    For $695, I purchased a LoJack for my Jeep. Seems like a small price to pay for the extra security. As long as a vehicle has a vin number (buggies might not qualify), it can be installed (installation is included in the price). There are no monthly fees.
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    Volunteers needed for MDR race

    Because so many of our volunteers are taking their vacations this week, we are seeking volunteers (guys and gals) to help with the MDR MOJAVE 200 race on Aug. 14. We need check point personnel, road crossers, spotters, rovers, timers, etc. Please contact me via e-mail, and I will call you with...
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    Lucerne MDR 400

    We found a nice jack while 'sweeping' the course today. Contact MDR for details
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    Fraud targets SCORE's site

    Re: Fraud targets SCORE\'s site Here's another, I just received this one today. And this guy's from Ireland? I don't think so...just listen to his accent. They all seem to speak the same language. One of these guys actually wrote back after I sent him an e-mail telling him that he had to...
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    Fraud targets SCORE's site

    Fraud targets SCORE\'s site I am hoping that I am not repeating a previous post, but even if I am, I hope this will serve as a reminder. On the SCORE site, I advertised my class 10 car for sale, also, a type 1 motor, and a Mendeola 4 speed. An e-mail was sent to me recently regarding my car...
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    To spectate ..or not to spectate

    I have attended three Laughlin races and have viewed them from both the pits and the grandstand. This year I am racing Laughlin. Although I seem to be in the minority, I prefer to watch from the grandstand. The big jump is right in front of you and you can see just about the whole infield...
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    Tom, There is more than one Hummer vehicle. The first one past us by. The 'pull' was uncomplicated as I had lost power and got stuck in the sand (I was not upside down or on my side). It took 25 seconds to pull us out (I, too, had strap in hand). I would also like to thank the guys in the...
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    I don't know who hit the back of my class 10 car, but the severe impact was totally uncalled for. It was a red class 8 truck. He was behind me for less than 30 seconds before I started pulling over (I couldn't pull over immediately because of the terrain). After I had already started pulling...
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    Yes, I know that the question of racing insurance has come up many times...but this post is a little different. I will be racing Laughlin and Parker, and will have as a co-driver, an Australian rally and off-road racer, who will fly from Australia to the U.S. to help me drive. In Australia...
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    Never loan out your truck!

    Was that at the last shortcourse race? I was there consoling a driver who flipped his car pretty bad so missed the class 7 moto. I heard I missed an incredible race!!!! People are still talking about it!!!! That will be the last time I turn my back on the class 7 guys (and gal)...
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    keeping up the strength

    Wow! No wonder I always tend to slow down on the last lap...guess I haven't been taking care of my self. I've always filled my camelback with ice then put water in it. I never eat breakfast because of pre-race jitters, etc. I realize now, that I've been letting my poor brain 'poop out'...
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    keeping up the strength

    You're right Kris, dehydration is the major cause of weight loss. Drinking isn't a problem as far as having to 'go', however. You just don't when you're dehydrated. One of the biggest problems with drinking enough fluids, at least in my case, is that it distracts me when I have to open my...
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    keeping up the strength

    I will be racing my class 10 car at the BITD Nevada 1000. I plan to drive the full 1000 miles. The race will take place over a period of three days. Normally, after a one day race, I loose around 5 to 7 pounds...and for me, thats a lot! I need to keep up my strength, and keep the weight ON...
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    Contingency Program not working ?

    As far as putting decals on my car, other than contingency, I put decals on my car of companies that work hard for me and go all out to ensure that I do well in a race, such as my engine builder, chassis builder and transmission builder. No, they don't give me a discount, but they break their...
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    defeat at Baja 500

    For those who came back from the 500, defeated, this is a clip from from a news letter written by John's co-driver... "There isn’t much to be learned from winning, winning is the culmination or payoff for had work and attention to details, few things are learned in winning. But how people...