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  • Sorry I missed you r MSg befor the race. Yes we had a good day. didn't finish but had alot of fun. couple good laps and got to see how well our car will run with the cars out here.
    Howdy charles , I hope I can get away from work in Oct. Freshing up the car some. Going to be hard driving a 12 car after codriving the Zorba trophy truck in VtoR. Thanks to Steveowe and Mike Vordouris
    Hello Charles from south texas
    I noticed you were looking for some reverse offset wheels if I remember right. I have updated my brakes and the reverse offset wheels I use won't fit anymore. They are heavy duty centerlines which they dont make anymore. Unfortunatley they are not beadlocks , but I have never knock the bead off because they are only 31/2"wide. My brakes are 11"rotor and four piston caliper. I think a 10" rotor and standard caliper would work fine with these wheels. Would you be interested in them. I will sell 3 wheels to you for 400 and bring them up in Feburary. Thanks Allen Englebert. I had the black raceco. phone # is 361-816-4498
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