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    Any Quad racing in Vegas area?

    Check out MRAN. Fun courses and fairly inexpensive https://racemran.com/
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    Should Class 11 start in front of UTV’s?

    If you knew how beautiful the two lady's driving this thing were you would of followed them hoping they got a flat you could help change.
  3. The Mikester

    Miss Mint 400

    Dave I need back on the team
  4. The Mikester

    bay of la spot to camp

    Check out camp Gecko a few miles south of town on the beach. The owners name is Abraham. take the race course a few miles south and hang a left at the interstate 5 highway sign.
  5. The Mikester

    Laughlin Desert Challenge @@ PHOTOS @@

    Any of 6136? thanks in advance
  6. The Mikester

    Challenging TT Specs Rd 2

    Please don't use the Brenthel's rental customers as the standards for TTspec
  7. The Mikester

    Max Gordon at Bluewater

    That is cool in so many ways. I'm sure it was good for both or them.
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    Blue Water Desert Challenge ## PICTURES ##

    6136? Thanks in advance Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
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    Who Makes the Best 6100 Chassis?

    Yes. There was a brand new Armada at Laughlin.
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    Mint 400 @@ PICTURES @@ from RM36.

    6136? Thanks
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    BAJALITE available for MINT400 morning race w/entry spot!

    Nicer way of saying it would be " The funniest of the three"
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    Parker 425 @@ PICTURES @@ Mile 4/130

    got any of 6136?
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    Favorite Race Vehicle