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    Nitrogen Shock Kit

    The guys over at Side X Side 1 has assembled a great Nitrogen Shock Kit for a great price. I just got mine from them this week. It is all contained inside a hard case, that reminds me of a pelican case. It came with the case a steel 20cv bottle, 600 PSI Regulator, High Pressure hose, No Lose...
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    Check out Bradley Morris on CBS in 2013 (Video)

    Check out the new video of Bradley Morris on CBS TV in 2013. Computer Version Mobile Version http://bradleymorrisracing.resen.co/video/all/cbs-2013 BMEmotorsports.com facebook.com/bmemotorsports
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    2013 Shortcourse Video Thread

    Here is a couple of Bradley Morris and BME Motorsports from 2013. Facebook Links BME Motorsports Bradley Morris Racing Throttle Junky Films
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    Bench Racing - Challenge Cup

    What about Bradley Morris, he is going to be racing in all four Cup Races. He's pulling his Limited Buggy out of storage from last year and driving Curt LeDucs Pro 4 along with his Pro Lite and Pro Buggy. Going to be a super busy weekend for him.
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    16 Year Old Bradley Morris in a Pro 4 "Primm Huseman Cup Video"

    Bradley Morris stepped up to Pro 4 for the Huseman Cup Race Weekend with the help of Curt LeDuc. Being 16 years old and racing in the oldest truck being able to finish 6th on Friday and 7th on Saturday was a great way to start...
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    K&N Pro Lite Shootout Friday night @ Regional race

    Free Filter Friday Winner Will Be Picked at Shootout K&N Filters and BME Motorsports is giving away a K&N Air Filter along with free K&N Filters hat and t-shirts, BME Motorsports and Bradley Morris hats and t-shirts. The winner will be picked just before the K&N Pro Lite Shootout drops the...
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    "Bradley Morris Rolling the Dice in Las Vegas" Video Clip

    BME Motorsports and Bradley Morris were Rolling the Dice in Las Vegas leaving everything on the table. Even barrel rolling and leaving it pinned to keep it going. Mobile Version https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=345647585572573&set=vb.328364397236502&type=3&theater Press Release "]Las...
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    TORC Primm!

    Pro 4 was live and the Pro 2 was edited for airing. Great racing through out the weekend first hand. I was surprised they aired RD 16 races and not the Huseman Cup Live. Talking about Trophy Kart kids on podium, what about Bradley Morris getting off of the Pro Lite podium to go jump in the Pro...
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    Bradley Morris Charging Hard in Reno "VIDEO"

    He drive a multiple of vehicles, you can see him in his Pro Lite and Pro Buggy, Just raced the Huseman Cup in a Pro 4, Sprint Cars, Focus Midgets, 1/4 Midgets, Adult Trophy Karts, and possibly soon a Pro 2.
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    Bradley Morris Charging Hard in Reno "VIDEO"

    Bradley Morris had a great weekend in Reno. Lead every lap on Sunday in the Pro Lite winning the race and getting Fast Lap Award and coming from the way back all the way to earn 3rd on Saturday. Also getting 3rd and 5th in Pro Buggy coming out 2nd in Points. Also being 4th in points in Pro Lite...
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    Bradley Morris Sweeping Glen Helen "VIDEO"

    An incredible weekend for Bradley Morris and BME Motorsports at Rounds 9-10 at Glen Helen. Bradley won 3 of his 4 races and swept Pro Lite for the second year in a row. How many people can say that. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-awLJDdBp9c Press Release...
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    Bradley Morris Flying Through Vegas (Video Clip)

    For mobile devices like phone and Ipad here is the link to the video on the BME Motorsports page that works perfect. http://bradleymorrisracing.resen.co/video/all/taking-on-vegas Youtube blocked it for mobile devices because of the music in the video, but being on the website, youtube allows it...
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    Bradley Morris Flying Through Vegas (Video Clip)

    Watch and see how Bradley Morris and the BME Motorsports Team have a great weekend in Las Vegas. Watch him in his Pro Buggy put down a super fast lap and end up having a qualifying time that beats all Pro 2 qualifiers except two. And then become the Pro Buggy points leader. Replacement String...
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    Bradley Morris showing off in Vegas Video

    Check out Bradley Morris and the BME Crew under the lights in Vegas.
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    Bradley Morris taking on Crandon Video