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    Forum User´s Occupation

    Im the Computer Support Manager out at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center.
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    Dust to Glory in Lancaster, ca

    just a FYI for anyone in the high desert. Dust to Glory is being shown at the Cinemark 22 Theaters it lancaster... Later Brandon
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    Robby at MDR?

    if this aint a april fools joke then this sucks for me....i gotta work tomarrow and wont get to goto the race....Frack
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    old and new school videos

    Ill gladly make a donation as well =)
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    89 Nissan 2wd lift kits?

    anyone know if they make lift kits for a 1989 Nissan 2wd? links would be great..the trucks a beater and i cant deal with having small also do they make fiberglass for them as well? Thanks Brandon
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    1/2 1600 tech sites

    Im in the process of building a 2-1600 car and have been looking for some good sites with fourms and tech info on 1/2 1600' far i havent had alot of luck...please post links if ya have any. Thanks Brandon
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    NASA breaks Mach 9

    I work out at Dryden and i must say it was very sad to watch Balls-8 do its last flyby today after a sucessfull mission. It had a awesome flyby right over dryden with 2 nasa f-18s shadowing it. Balls-8 Will be missed. Brandon
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    Ford 302/5.0... how long before a rebuild?

    Its got a E4OD trans with overdrive...the trans has had to be rebuilt once at about 160K Brandon
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    Ford 302/5.0... how long before a rebuild?

    My Bronco gets about 10mpg around town and 14 on freeway Brandon
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    Ford 302/5.0... how long before a rebuild?

    My Wifes 94 Bronco has the 5.0 with 178,000 on it and its still running strong, Its never been rebuilt and the oilchanges were about every 5000 miles. Its seen the desert alot in the last 50k and all is still great. Later Brandon PS Great Show....I watch it every day.
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    Dust to Glory - Trailer Premier

    OMG that had me literally drooling...i havent drooled over a movie in YEARS..This will be AWESOME exposure for the sport... Need more trailers =)
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    Racing Quotes

    "Ahhhh I failed spelling"
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    Engine cage

    amy idea How much are those clamps are??? Im looking at needing 1 3/4 .120 wall and 1 1/2 .120 wall thanks Brandon
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    Chevy/GMC pre-runner?

    Ive got a 2003 GMC Sierra x-cab and its my daily driver as well.(only sees dirt roads at slower speeds)..I went with the fabtech 2wd 6in lift and in all honesty it has worked great..i got the lift for like 1300 bucks and am running 33s. I wouldnt even come close to beating on it (thats what the...
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    Video From Tuff Trucks Is Up!

    Execlent video fish...... question tho....what the F**K does Philly Style mean???Call me old and outta touch but I dont get it Brandon