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  • Yeah, I ain't no internet biatch, I have no idea what your beef with me is, but if you would like to talk about it face to face, I have no issue with that either. Lookin forward to it.
    Re: SAN FELIPE 250/ class21&22 together
    Class 20 now the new KTM 350's can race against the 250f's. also in sportsman under the 350 KTM's will be legal.

    this was in the bike section! cool for orange!! 350 would be cool to see win oa!
    No retirees in the San Joaquin Valley? Plenty of 'em here, me included. I was retired well before I logged on to RDC six years ago.
    Any thread that has a controversy generates the most views. Please tell Roger hello for me, though I doubt he'll remember me, it's been 25 years since I've seen him. He always gave me such a big smile, I'd look over my shoulder.

    Somebody sent me that "Bako" vid a few years ago, think it's funny, done by two hometown boys.

    Have fun.
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