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    Supercross 2019

    So ,luck won this years supercross championship . Who knew ?
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    DRAMA AND LOTS OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wralph Sharoneen
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    Supercross 2019

    Wow, I guess if towmac wanted first place points he would have just "rode right on up there and got them" sheesh !
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    We have a UTV Problem

    Lots of "fads" have come and gone . I don't think this one will be going anywhere soon . With the cash that Polaris generates I'll bet twenty bucks they have engineers already looking to topple Jeep with a 50 state legal street version with the same characteristics as the RZR . Soon all will...
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    At what point ?

    Racist ^^^ Sent from my iPhone using race-deZert mobile app
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    On Topic Who to get Mexican insurance with for the Baja 1000 ?

    Baja Bound . Sent from my iPhone using race-deZert
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    Baja 500 UTV nerfs VW......

    When ? Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
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    Kurt Caselli RIP

    thanks for the kind words .bad info from someone who was with a broken car 2 miles away my bad .no disrespect to kurt or ktm or his family . as for your fing mouth directed at me personally .you might just get to meet me some day .i know you . it could go either way . tim
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    Kurt Caselli RIP

    were you 2 miles away when the chopper set down then left . Were you there when colton rode by half speed with his elbows down . Chopper took off for fuel . How long did it take the awsome spot ass tracker to find him . Hearing it was very unusual from someone who was there . A race partner of...
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    Kurt Caselli RIP

    never spend another cent there .
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    Kurt Caselli RIP

    Who was leading at the time ? How far apart were the on time ..............................................................
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    Kurt Caselli RIP

    KURT CASELLI RIP The absolute most talented off road motorcycle racer in the world was killed by a third world bunch of animals . 26 friends and I were to trip down for a 5 day ride in jan .. WE WILL NEVER STEP FOOT ON THAT NASTY ASSED SOIL AGAIN . Thanks to score for f ing up a fine...
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    Oops! Jinxed him.
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    Baja Rally

    [ Whooooz Pab ? Whats a gps ? Do you allow Bako Bikes down there ? Whats this rally thingy ? Where do you put a map ? That guy Pab ,hes kinda old to be going that fast on a bike aint he ? congrats !!!!!:cool:
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    Desert tortoise faces threat from its own refuge as BLM closes Vegas rescue center

    Re: Desert tortoise faces threat from its own refuge as BLM closes Vegas rescue cente Scotty,Remenber we had sea turtle soup almost 40 years ago in Laguna Percibu. Tastes like pork . If I remember right too much pepper.