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    Trying to get rid of choppy ride

    Ditch the air shock shaft and replace it with a std Fox 2.0" X .875" 8.5" or 10" travel (depending on which model of alumicraft) shaft assembly. And if you leave that air shock assembly in there do not run more than 10psi!!!
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    1984 Frontier 250 - Dawn to Dust

    Keep em coming my man!
  3. tinman

    Fox 2.5 shock

    It will probably take around 3 1/2 gallons.
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    RJ Fabrication Trophy Ranger Build

    Do not run the exhaust down the tunnel, It's something that you will regret! transmission will run hot, and everything attached to the center console will have issues from the heat including the shift cable which you will have to replace constantly. Let alone the fuel lines that will vapor lock!
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    Mint 400 picks

    Going to be a straight shoot-out of the current top shelf trucks and teams not doubt!
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    FOX Big Air Award | UTV World Championship

    Hahahaha, A couple of old Fogies that actually have done something in the desert racing world!
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    FOX Big Air Award | UTV World Championship

    It doesn't belong here because it's for a series that has nothing to do with desert racing. It's a series for UTV's only, you can't race your desert car there. It's the same as posting Supercross stuff in here! Thank god the management for this site is getting paid by more people outside the...
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    FOX Big Air Award | UTV World Championship

    I have to agree with Pete on this one, get that crap off of here! it's totally UTV related and it just takes up room and moves stuff off the front page that actually has something to do with Off-Road racing. I get Polaris and Fox pay you guys and this is another media blast for you but it has no...
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    Official BITD Parker 425 Thread

    Lost a transmission on the second lap.
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    Official BITD Parker 425 Thread

    The #98 is on the trailer in the main pit.
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    Official BITD Parker 425 Thread

    Loftin lost a transmission.
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    Just A Question

    Pete, There was two road crossings. Just saying!
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    Just A Question

    Maybe this is why we have not seen official results.
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    Just A Question

    Does any body think it is possible to clear the road like this picture here shows at 15 mph? I'm just asking because in the drivers meeting it was told to everyone that a strict speed limit would be enforced with a 30 minute time penalty!
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    BITD to introduce new "Pass Alert" system

    I thought the system worked good! the only problem I had was my dumb ass breaking the button off the unit passing the last utv coming in to the finish.