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  • Hey I am Zach from OMF performance. It seems we have lost your contact information here at OMF, I was wondering if you could send that to me. Also do you still have the Isuzu Amigo car?
    Hey, I have a size 52 suit fits perfect! I am not sure that the sizing is the same from momo to alpinestar or sparco, but I think they are generally the same.... IDk. 1648 for the 1000!!!! I like the number, we have Cono and Duran right in front of us!
    I check in every once in a while...sorry I've been MIA, the job thing sucks. Is Grainger hiring analysts?

    I'll have to give you a call soon and see what these new things are!
    no problem

    I'm not a big fan of RECORD races, been to one and it was ok but I'll stick to CODE

    big day is coming up, I dropped the ball on getting the invitations out to my friends here in SD, my mom took them all, but you know you're invited, it's on the 25th this month
    rob...its good to hear you're back, hope everything worked out... when will you be back in the dirt?
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