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    5/1600 power steering setup on 1600 vw engine questions

    I always have the same problem with these kartek brackets, you just need to bend it a little bit, and will be good to go.
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    Limited buggy

    Zacatecas, Mexico. Fresher than ever.
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    Do you recognize this limited buggy?

    Wow that's a nice story, thank you. Yeah we bought both Dickerson cars, and last year we bought Chase Ryan limited buggy, we are on the same race team. And we still run 2 of your engines, very good performance on both.
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    Do you recognize this limited buggy?

    Do you know anything about this car? I bought it from Broc Dickerson like 2 years ago, I'd like to read some nice stories, maybe some pictures or videos. I still race it here in Mexico, still running great, won the last 2 races.
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    Where are all the single buggies??

    Are you able to sell these cars?
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    Where are all the single buggies??

    I'm from Mexico and this class it´s very popular, in some championships start like 20 limited buggys, most off them were bought in the US.
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    Help with fox shocks bypass rear setup

    I need help with the setup on 2.5 bypass rear fox shock on a limited buggy, the IFP depth and rebuilding instructions.