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    What does it take to codrive?

    I been into offroad racing since i was 10 years old which i am now 18. I Just recently graduated high school and i think its time to get more into racing. So i was wondering what does it take to be a codriver in the sport? How to prepare,what cost may be for a codriver seat, etc. im not looking...
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    ROADWARRIORS on SPIKE...what did you think?!?

    the show was great, i enjoyed watching it but my tv recorder screwed up and only got the first 30minutes. put it on TV again so I can watch the whole show or is there another place i can watch the full episode?
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    Mad Media Wednesdays: Jesse Jones is the king of baja!

    Very nice. Jesse Jones is a beast
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    New forum topic idea - Supercross

    Can you guys create a new forum topic based on Supercross and motocross? Or is it just something you can't or don't want to do? In my opinion I believe there are other people on this site that would also like this topic and possibly bring more people here. So if it is possible to create a...
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    Silver State 300 Quad 2011

    @bajaxp Ya Im not to worried about the UTV Rhino guys passing me, its just the Trophy Trucks and Class 1 Buggies that start a few hours behind the MX and ATV Riders I believe. Im just going into this race just to have fun and since its my first offroad desert race, Im not planning on breaking...
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    Silver State 300 Quad 2011

    @D Bergstrom thanks for the help and yes this would my first desert race but I have about 15 years of riding expierence and rode in almost every time of environment from Mountain Trails to Sand Dunes. Only thing I have never been in is silt other than that I have been riding quads and dirt bikes...
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    Silver State 300 Quad 2011

    The Silver State 300 race is coming up in a few months on April 29-30 and I was planning on racing that on the Quads. But I got a few questions if anyone can answer them I would like that. (This will be my first Desert race and im 17 years old) Where do i get race radios so I can communicate...
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    Baja Radios?

    Anyone know any good baja radios that i could buy so I can communicate with my pit crew? I need one that is easy to set up and use and i need it quick because im racing some score and snore races this year.
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    This is not good.......

    I believe its not the drivers fault that he crashed into all those people, Ive heard that people put big rocks there before the race that he wasnt expecting to be there. I heard that he turned to avoid them but hit them and rolled into everyone, not sure how accurate that is. In offroad racing...
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    Desert Assassins new truck confessions and early 2011 schedule

    nice. are they racing it at the 2011 Laughlin Challenge?
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    buggy theft

    What you can use is a Heavy Duty Chain with a Heavy Duty Lock and lock up all the bikes and buggys and strap them to the trailer. If the chain and lock is big enough it probably wont be-able to be cut.
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    go pro users!?

    If you have a pc you can use Vegas Pro, you can buy it off the computer or instores, I think its about $300-$500 for a full download of the computer.
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    Class 1 Chassis

    ok thanks for the info.
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    Class 1 Chassis

    Thanks M.Harvey and the price for one of these frames is about 50grand? and a full race-ready class 1 is about $150grand?
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    Class 1 Chassis

    okay thanks...ya when I saw it I was thinking it was a porter chassis but I wasn't quite sure about it. So thanks for the help.