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    The Top 10 Off-Road Racers in the World

    It worked....
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    Dakar 2013 - Stage2 - Pisco, Peru -> Pisco, Peru

    Thanks for the info. Such a shame.
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    Dakar 2013 - Stage2 - Pisco, Peru -> Pisco, Peru

    Now that's funny
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    Dakar 2013 - Stage2 - Pisco, Peru -> Pisco, Peru

    Any news on Muggleton? He doesn't even show to have started?
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    So WHO is the protesting whistle dick?

    Now I'm confused. Did somebody make a complaint or not? Is that somehow different than a protest?
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    Herder Truggy

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    Need Some Emergency California Family Law Advice!

    Thanks for the advice and pm's. She has apparently been physically abused for a long time, but it has recently escalated. When she mustered enough strength to tell him she'd had enough is when the threats started...death threats. She has talked to counselors about the situation, who are...
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    Need Some Emergency California Family Law Advice!

    An acquaintance in California is being abused by her husband. It has recently escalated and she is fear of great bodily harm. Her youngest child is still a minor at 16yo. Would she be breaking any laws by leaving the state with her child? According to the research I have been able to do...
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    New Racer single seat with 2.4

    I have no dog in this fight but thought it was strange no one has mentioned the advantage the two seaters have...the Co-Driver! A navigator, gauge reader, tire changer, etc. In some cases i bet that's worth the 200-300 lbs difference.
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    RG's Co-Dog

    Anyone know who RG's codriver was at the b1k? And assuming he makes it to Dakar with all the legal trouble, who will be in the right seat?? While on the topic how did Andy do against Ivan?
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    robby gordon not in the irc tracking

    He posted this link on Facebook for tracking.
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    Ripped off by Dirt Sports mag

    I don't think I've ever missed an issue and I've enjoyed every one. On the other hand I wouldn't wipe my ass with the Dusty Rag
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    2000 GMC Air Conditioning

    FWIW - I would start by testing for power to and from the low pressure switch. If you're not getting power to it the problem is most likely the control panel....we've replaced dozens. If you have power to it but not out from it, it could be a bad switch or system restriction causing discharge...
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    Web Designer

    Can anyone recommend a web site designer? Preferably in the San Gabriel/Pasadena area?
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    OFFICIAL Baja 500 Update thread.

    Uh oh. PP at 0 mph.... did RG hit him a little too hard??