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    Stephinie Lazano

    I met her while I worked for MDR. So rare to meet a female racer in those days. and she was definitely memorable; every bit as tough as the guys. Vaya con Dios Stephanie.
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    6122 SS300 Race and Fire Recap

    I also found out the hard way that when an incident like that occurs and you shut off power your breath inside the helmet can fog it up in about 2 seconds.
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    1st Gen Tundra project truck for cheep

    Bringatrailer.com has an '02 supercharged V8 Tundra for auction. Camburg arms, bumpers, some other goodies too. Bidding is at $4500 right now, and it ends tomorrow. Looks like a deal for somebody's next project truck.
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    Ford Bronco on Donut Media

    Bitchin' little story, with lots of B1K footage from back in the day
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    2018 51st SCORE Baja 1000 Race Week Thread - Map, live video, tracking, updates, discussion, etc.

    Nobody ever got hit in staging when my crew ran it.
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    2018 51st SCORE Baja 1000 Race Week Thread - Map, live video, tracking, updates, discussion, etc.

    How many 4wd TT's are entered today? It's gonna make a difference in all that silt.
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    BLM in charge of US helium supplies

    A welding blog mentioned that the Bureau of land mismanagement is now in charge of all future US helium production. (What could possibly go wrong?) Does anyone use helium on their aluminum Fab work? Expect a price hike soon.
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    '80-96 full-size Ford Bronco in Rock Racing (Ultra4, etc.)?

    My '96 5.8 Bronco has (had) a whopping 197hp and weighs over two tons empty. The '49 Willy's is smog exempt and you can run that thing on coal if you want to, plus registration is cheap.
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    SCORE Fined. Baja 1000 Put on hold till payment is complete.

    I'm curious what the fine is for all the raw sewage that is continuously dumped into the ocean. And the trash swept into the ocean from the storm drains. And the millions of tires left to rot in the sun?
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    Say hello to Charlotte. My 73 K5

    Excellent thread here. Any advice on installing the Vintage Air? Did you get a complete kit with everything from the compressor, condenser, drier & lines from them or can any of the stock GM parts be used? Thx.
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    RDC trying to get even MORE lame???

    :) I like the unfollow button very much. Thanks Klaus.
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    Derale atomic cooler

    Looking at the Derale website can't help but notice that they don't include basic information about mounting the coolers. The PS cooler I ordered apparently comes with some plastic zip tie-size pieces used to hang the cooler from the condenser..... That's just not gonna be good enough. No actual...
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    On Topic 1995 Bronco: The Nuclear Unicorn

    How much fun was it replacing the stock body pucks with the solid aluminum ones? Can one person do it alone?
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    Man! I love my Raptor!!!!!

    There is a 2017 Raptor on eBay listed for $33k, obo. It's under "Salvage title ford trucks". A little beyond my ability to fix, but somebody here might be interested.