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  • No VW is done for the short term. Thank for thinking of me.

    I'm having my first kid in a week, so this will be the first SCORE race I'll miss in a decade.

    Good Luck!!
    Hey there Tony!~ The poker run was scheduled for this upcoming weekend, they are actually having to cancel it this year due to lack of interest! Funny you say that re: the beach, I was at the beach last weekend and it was absolutely GORGEOUS! I am headed to Stagecoach for this weekend - in Indio, CA, should be nice and sweltering hot!!.. If you happen to play golf, we are hosting a golf tourney in June!
    Its a mdr race, 200 mi in superstition and i think we are having caforski or kaforski? Something like that, do it. Danny said he use to do all of theres.
    No I am not free thursday. I will call danny right now and see if i can drop off the package I have put together for the team.
    The car is getting a new front end right now along with a prep. Should be back in a week or 2 hopefully.
    Im Jeffs little brother Garrett and the bug is getting there, once we rebuilt the trans and do a few other things it will be race ready! June 13th is the planned race debut.
    Did Robert call you about coming to help us out at the Mint 400? Give me a call. 760-908-4392
    Hi Tony, If you ever need a hand, Id cut it's yours. I've been working with Mark and Ryan for the last 8 years...and since we are still building the new VW TDI TT, I have time to do a few races.

    I live right here in wildomar and have been following the Ebberts for as long as I've been doing it. I would love to get the chance to help a local team out...just say the word.



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