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    2014 Dakar: Stage 5 - Chilecito -> Tucuman, Argentina

    Damm that's the look of frustration...
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    What's the story on this Baja-500 roll-over?? Any spectators injured!?!?

    You got it right..I hope that this guy Kevin manage this situation, according to local law we fill have to face a process, but I think that at the end it wasnt his fault..
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    What's the story on this Baja-500 roll-over?? Any spectators injured!?!?

    That's Mexico!!! And in the US the driver just walks away??..
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    San Felipe 250 - Pick the Trophy Truck winner.

    Maybe this race will turn into "mine's bigger than yours"..Vildosola VS BJ..Both want to prove that they are #1..
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    Cost building a class 1

    You have a good attitude Mike..If you think you can do it..go for it..
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    Dakar 2013 - Stage 11: La Rioja, Argentina -> Fiambala, Argentina

    Look like PISTOL its stuck in the river..:cool:
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    Vildosola caught cheating???

    Maybe they gave BJ a little push..LOL
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    Vildosola caught cheating??? limits..go ahead..LOL..
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    Vildosola caught cheating???

    Expianista..It looks like you are beating BJ in posts against Vildosola..LOL
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    Vildosola caught cheating???

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    Vildosola caught cheating???

    Well this is a good one..jajaja
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    Prerunner rollover near Loreto

    They say that they got a hard hit in a huge whoop..only damage was in the bumper, they say no big deal and they made it to La Paz..
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    Banned from BITD-1st Amendment Violation

    Maybe he only wanted to tag Lalo as a cheather, so when he race against him, and if he lose he can say, !!the kid cheated again!!!
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    Which Floater Hubs Would You Buy?